5 Benefits of Getting Your Degree in Cybersecurity at WVJC Online

Are you interested in pursuing an exciting career in technology? Cybersecurity is one of the available technologies in the U.S., and companies are searching for professionals with the appropriate training and background to fill these roles. 

Read on to learn about five aspects of getting your degree in Cybersecurity at WVJC Online.


One of the realities of studying online is convenience and a pathway to the professional workplace. Students returning to school later in life may find an online program more suitable for their work schedule and family responsibilities. 

The WVJC Online Cybersecurity program currently has students enrolled who are working and looking forward to having a successful pathway and career in cybersecurity. Our 18-month program is designed for students to train to enter the professional world upon graduation.

Our goal is to make students excited about their learning, and because of its online nature, the program’s non-synchronized classes afford students the time needed to study at their own pace. 


Students can expect to work with other classmates who have enrolled in the program for similar reasons. Though this program is online, students have the opportunity to connect with classmates through group projects, web-based group discussions, and other forums.


Students who enroll at WVJC Online will participate in an externship before the conclusion of the program. The externship will occur in a real work environment, allowing students to apply their training in real-world situations. By the end of the program, students should have the skills necessary to handle circumstances related to incident response, security architecture, threat management, and vulnerability management.

Our goal at WVJC is for students to develop marketable skills that are career-focused and time-efficient without compromising precious classroom time learning subject matter unrelated to their professional and educational goals. 


Professional opportunities in cybersecurity are available. Our online program prepares students to train for three of the certifications employers could be interested in for their candidates. 

Outlined below is an overview of each certification.

Network+ Certification*

The Network+ Certification certifies the necessary skills required to design, configure, manage, and maintain computer network architecture and devices and includes a basic understanding of cloud computing best practices and critical security concepts that help networking professionals work with security practitioners. 

Security+ Certification*

The Security+ Certification is an established worldwide standard for best practices in information technology, cybersecurity networking, and operational integrity. Security+ focuses on the latest trends and techniques in risk management, risk mitigation, threat management, and intrusion detection.

Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CySA+) Certification*

The CySA+ Certification applies behavioral analytics to the information technology field to prevent, detect, and combat cybersecurity threats. The CySA+ certifies that the student has the necessary skills to perform data analysis, vulnerability, risk, and impact assessments, configure threat-detection tools, and secure and protect applications and systems within an organization.


WVJC Online provides students with the necessary preparation needed to move forward in their field. Students who graduate from our program may be qualified to pursue some of the following positions (and more): 

  • Junior Security Analyst
  • Cyber Operation Specialist
  • Data Recovery Specialist
  • Incident Responder
  • Malware Analyst
  • Pen Tester
  • Computer Support Analyst
  • Help Desk Analyst


WVJC Online offers a Cybersecurity program designed to give you the necessary tools needed to become an asset to private, non-profit, and government entities.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it in the field of cybersecurity? At WVJC Online, you’ll learn to develop and maintain skills under the guidance of qualified educators, have the opportunity to sit for certifications,* and receive real-world experience through our externship program. 

Learn more about our program or give us a call at 877-25ONLINE.

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*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.