7 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Graduation is a monumental event in any student’s life. It celebrates the culmination of their academic efforts and the beginning of their professional careers. While graduation marks the end of their educational journey, it also represents the start of an individual’s career. Adding a personal touch to your graduation cap decoration can make this moment even more special.
WVJC - graduation cap decoration

Graduation is a significant milestone that deserves to be celebrated unforgettably. One way to make the day memorable is to decorate your graduation cap to reflect your achievements. 

WVJC takes great pride in our student’s success, and we understand the significance of graduation. We put together seven ideas for graduation cap decorations to help you celebrate your graduation in style!

1. The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle

You’ve heard the quote, “The tassel was worth the hassle,” regarding graduation. This saying is popular for a reason, and it makes a great quote to put on a graduation cap. The simple saying perfectly wraps up the academic experience: sometimes challenging but ultimately rewarding.

2. Movie or TV Show Quote

Using a quote from your favorite movie or TV show to adorn your graduation cap is a great way to show your personality and incorporate a piece of your favorite fictional characters into your graduation day. There are unlimited ideas for the occasion, from lighthearted and funny to sentimental and meaningful. 

3. College Pride

Putting your college’s colors, mascot, slogan, or logo on your graduation cap is an excellent way to commemorate your time as a student. Decorating your cap with reminders of the college where you earned your degree or diploma can remind you of the memories you made as a student for years to come. 

4. Photos of Loved Ones

Showcasing photos of the people most important to you on your graduation cap is an excellent way to pay homage to those who supported you throughout your education. Including pictures of your support system, whether children, spouses, parents, friends, or others who impacted your life, is a sentimental way to show them that you appreciate their encouragement. 

5. Pop Culture Reference

Pop culture references are an excellent way to remember what happened in the world the year you graduated. Looking back at your graduation cap can provide you with a sense of nostalgia, and decorating it with a pop culture reference will surely take you back to your graduation year. 

6. Career-Related Quote

Graduation signifies the transition from student to working professional, and what more fitting way to jump into your career than using a quote related to your field on your graduation cap? Ideas for those going into a healthcare or professional services career are endless. 

7. “Game Over”

This simple and funny quote sums up graduation in two words and opens many simple or elaborate decoration possibilities. It is perfect for techy and gamer grads, or those who want an easy decoration idea for their graduation day. 

Congratulations To The WVJC Class of 2024!

We hope this blog helps spark some creativity in designing your graduation cap in a way that represents you! Earning your degree or diploma is a significant achievement, and you deserve to feel proud of yourself. 

If you are considering furthering your education, now is the time! WVJC is currently enrolling students in nursing, allied healthcare, and professional services training programs. Our programs are designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin a new career in less time. 

In two years or less, it could be your turn to choose a graduation cap decoration!

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