How An Accelerated Nursing
Program Can Benefit You

Content Updated 04/22/2024

Have you considered a nursing career but are unsure what type of program would be best for you? Or have you been weighing your options in the healthcare field and are curious about a career in nursing? Regardless of your unique situation, one of WVJC School of Nursing’s direct admission, accelerated Nursing programs could be a great fit for you!How An Accelerated Nursing Program Can Benefit You

Nursing is a respected and essential profession, and the demand for nurses in West Virginia is expected to continue expanding to meet the increased health needs of the aging baby boomer population and combat the lack of access to healthcare in rural areas of the state. 

The many paths to a nursing career can seem overwhelming when choosing a nursing program. At WVJC School of Nursing, our programs are designed to help busy students balance family, work, and nursing school while learning the essential skills and knowledge to start their nursing careers in less time than a traditional school. Continue reading to learn more about why a WVJC School of Nursing accelerated Nursing program can benefit you!

You’ll Start Nursing Classes Immediately

When choosing an institution to begin your nursing education, consider the time you want to spend in school. Some traditional nursing schools require aspiring nursing students to take years of general education courses before applying for admission into the nursing program.

WVJC has a different approach to nursing education. When students are accepted into a WVJC School of Nursing program, they are directly admitted to begin taking nursing courses, meaning they will start taking classes directly related to the nursing profession without needing unnecessary general education courses. By attending a direct admission program like one of the WVJC School of Nursing’s programs, students can avoid spending four to six years taking classes they won’t need for their nursing careers.

You’ll Take The Exact Nursing Classes You Need

When you decide on a program that allows you to start nursing classes right away, you can begin learning essential skills and knowledge that directly relate to your future career in nursing. For example, most nursing programs at traditional universities that don’t offer a direct admission pathway require students to start taking general education courses before being considered for the Nursing program. WVJC School of Nursing students will spend their time in school in healthcare classes that align with their field of study. This can help students save time and money on their education while learning essential knowledge and skills to begin their nursing careers. 

You’ll Gain Valuable Hands-On Experience

WVJC School of Nursing’s accelerated nursing training programs are designed for students who want to receive the education they need to start their nursing careers in two years or less. Our students learn valuable knowledge during classroom instruction, practice their skills in lab experiences supervised by nursing instructors, and then apply their abilities in a real-world environment during clinical rotations at regional hospitals, medical facilities, or one of the WVJC Mobile Nursing Labs

You’ll Begin Your Career Sooner

WVJC understands that gaining the skills they need for successful careers is the top priority for nursing students. Our students benefit from a faster approach to education, where they will be prepared to start their careers in 18 months. Upon completing a WVJC School of Nursing program, students will graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and be prepared to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)~ exam. 

Choosing an accelerated nursing training program can set you apart from competitors when it comes time to enter the workforce. WVJC’s combination of classroom instruction, lab training, clinical rotations, and licensure preparation allows students to develop crucial nursing skills and gain real-world experience before entering the field. 

Additionally, WVJC School of Nursing students have the opportunity to complete their ADN and then move directly into the WVJC Online RN to BSN program to obtain their bachelor’s degree. Students completing this pathway could complete their ADN and BSN in less than three years, compared to spending extra time at a university. WVJC School of Nursing graduates who choose this option are automatically eligible for the WVJC Online RN to BSN Pathway scholarship* toward their education. 

Start The Next Chapter Of Your Life In 2024!

Have you decided to attend a WVJC School of Nursing accelerated nursing training program? Now is the time to change your life by taking the first step toward your new career! We are currently enrolling for 2024 nursing classes, so get started today by Requesting Information!

~Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

*For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.