Allaysha Benger – Graduate Highlight

Allaysha Benger spent a large portion of her life in the restaurant and serving industry before coming to WVJC, but working in that field never really felt like that was a long-term goal for her. Prior to attending WVJC Online, Allaysha had never attended a college institution because she felt like she was never going to be good enough to succeed at it.

Allaysha Benger | WVJC

“Being part of the Online Clinical Medical Assistant program allowed me to still be able to be a full-time mom and work,” said Allaysha. But this is just the first step of many when looking at her bright future.

“Eventually I want to be a nurse, but I had never been in the medical field before. I thought this would be the perfect first step for me.”

Her favorite thing about being a Clinical Medical Assistant student at WVJC was the fact she could learn at her own pace while still being held accountable by the people surrounding her. “It taught me a lot about the strengths and the weaknesses that I have,” said Allaysha “My favorite teacher has to be Carrie Friend. She was always there for me from start to finish. She was a part of every one of my classes even if she wasn’t my teacher. “

One thing is for certain, she learned all the skills she needs to be successful in her career. But the life lesson she learned during her time was almost as important. That through her career, the person she wants to be is someone who contributes to the quality of life for others.

When discussing her experiences with WVJC, there were only positive things to be said and positive thoughts of the future ahead of her. In the next five years, she wants to find a job that makes her feel happy. When she pictures her future she sees herself as an RN and going back to school when her children are older.

WVJC prepared me for a future. They gave me a chance when I didn’t feel like I deserved one. They supported me every step of the way. I am forever grateful.”

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