April Lambert – Student Highlight

Meet Online Business Administration Student April Lambert!

April Lambert | WVJC

April Lambert decided to attend WVJC after hearing about our online programs. Her experience has been in business throughout most of her life, so building on that made sense, and it was something that she enjoyed. She has considered exploring a medical route but decided to stick with the business, which she feels has been a great decision for her.

Before attending West Virginia Junior College, April Lambert attended another college in an attempt to get a degree and worked as a manager in a boutique store. However, it was much more difficult for her because they did not offer online courses, and she had to travel for school while working full-time. West Virginia Junior College prides itself on the ability to meet the needs of any student, no matter their stage in life or their circumstances.

What stands out to April while attending is the dedication of all the instructors and administration to see students succeed in all areas of life. Everyone was incredibly helpful, and as April explained, “I didn’t understand an assignment, and one instructor called me at 9 pm to go over it. Everyone wants you to succeed here at West Virginia Junior College.”

April’s favorite class during her time here was her accounting course. She explained that this was a subject she had struggled with at her previous school. She wanted to learn more about it and how to successfully apply accounting skills because it was something that she knew she would need. WVJC successfully taught her these skills and how to use them in her field.

April is happily employed in her field and looking to progress up the ladder before too long. April said, “ I would absolutely recommend friends to go to WVJC; in fact, two of my friends are already attending. Everyone there is so helpful. If you feel lost in any class, the instructors ensure you get the help and answers you need. The online courses have great flexibility, making it perfect for students who work full time or have a family.”

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