Audrey Sherwood – Graduate Highlight

Updated Content 10/25/2023

Before attending WVJC Online, Audrey worked for the Garrett County Board of Education for sixteen years in several different age groups.  For seven of those years, she served as a Kindergarten Instructional Assistant in various elementary schools.

For Audrey Sherwood, the typical college environment just wasn’t for her. After attending community college for a time in her early thirties and being a mother of two, she realized how tough it was to communicate with her classmates, who were years younger than her. But she never seemed to have a problem relating to her instructors, who were closer to her in age at the time. In the end, it seemed like a shift in the environment was all she needed to succeed.

Audrey Sherwood 1 | WVJC

“I chose to attend West Virginia Junior College for more than one reason. The first reason was that I knew if I was going to take classes online, I wanted to be sure if I needed to ask for any assistance in my classes. I knew that I would be close enough to travel to the school to get the help I needed,” said Audrey. “Secondly, I didn’t want to just take classes at an online school that I didn’t know anything about, and with WVJC, I knew I could be sure that I was getting the education I needed.”

When determining what program she wanted to do through WVJC Online, it came down to a few deciding factors, but eventually, the Medical Coding program stood out as the perfect choice.

“I chose Medical Coding because I was looking for a new career that I could someday take with me as I travel to and from Florida. At the same time, I wanted to feel productive in a way where I could continue to help others. To my surprise, that was exactly what I got in my coding classes! I became fascinated with medical coding because it just feels like a mystery to me, and I love researching for the correct answers,” stated Audrey.

Shortly after beginning classes, Audrey had some nervousness about the expectations and what the CPC certification* exam would be like at the end of her program. Dr. Kasey Eagle, her program director, was there to be her support system and remind her that everything would be okay in the end. As a benefit of the program, the Institution will pay for two attempts to sit for the Certified Professional Coder exam.

“I don’t even have to think about who my favorite teacher was; Dr. Kasey Eagle was always so supportive and so helpful in many ways. The school and the medical coding program are both so lucky to have such a wonderful and compassionate person on their staff. I remember when Dr. Eagle called me just to talk about my fears and to reassure me that we will get through this together,” said Audrey.

After years of working in the school system, Audrey found that her ideal job would combine her first love of working with children with her new coding skills. She would love to be somewhere where she could work from home but making her specialty in Pediatrics.

In five years, Audrey hopes to have completed all classes and certifications* she would need to achieve her dream job of coding in Pediatrics. After that, she would love to enjoy her home and life in Florida and only return to West Virginia during the summer months.

To learn more about WVJC Online’s Medical Coding program, request information here!

*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam. Required/ Included in Tuition/Fees. The Institution’s most recent pass rate (2022-23 academic year) on the Certified Professional Coders exam is 30%. See catalog for details.