Benefits Of A Direct Admission Nursing Program

Do you want a career in nursing but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re considering a career in healthcare, and nursing is one of your options. Whatever your circumstances, direct admission Nursing or Practical Nursing programs may be an excellent choice for you!Direct admission nursing

Employers need nurses, making this a great career choice for those interested in healthcare. As more people access healthcare services and the baby boomer generation ages, the demand for nurses is expected to continue to increase.

With so many different options available for becoming a nurse, where do you begin this journey? WVJC School of Nursing’s direct admission Nursing and Practical Nursing programs have many benefits and advantages. Check out our top reasons below for choosing a direct admission Nursing program!

Start Nursing Courses Immediately

Attending a direct admission nursing training program offers a significant advantage: you begin taking nursing-related courses once you are accepted and meet the program requirements. Unlike many traditional institutions, at WVJC, you will save valuable time and money by not taking general education courses while waiting to be accepted into the Nursing program. With our direct admission approach, you begin training to become a nurse from day one. 

This approach provides a significant advantage compared to traditional nursing programs. By beginning nursing courses early in your education, you gain the knowledge and skills necessary for your new career sooner.

Take The Exact Classes Needed

Direct admission programs save you both time and money by allowing you to avoid taking years of unnecessary non-nursing courses. This also allows you to focus solely on classes directly related to your future nursing career. 

At WVJC, our direct admission Nursing programs are tailored to accelerate your path to becoming a nurse. Once accepted, you will begin building the fundamental knowledge and practicing hands-on skills. 

Graduate In Less Time

By beginning your nursing courses immediately and focusing solely on the essential classes for your future nursing career, you will be able to complete your education and graduate in less time. Traditional nursing schools often take four to six years to complete, whereas, with a WVJC School of Nursing program, you can become a nurse in two or less! If you prefer to spend less time and resources on schooling, a direct admission nurse training program could be a good fit for you.

Another benefit of attending a WVJC School of Nursing program is that upon graduation, you are automatically eligible for a BSN Pathway Scholarship^ that awards $5,000 toward your Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing through WVJC Online! This means that if you complete an Associate Degree Nursing program and then move directly into the WVJC Online RN-BSN program, you will earn your BSN in three years or less– which is still faster than a traditional nursing school!

Additionally, WVJC School of Nursing students prepare to sit for the appropriate NCLEX licensure* exam and receive thorough preparation throughout their education. This added benefit allows students to feel prepared and confident to pass their exams and begin their new nursing career.

Begin Your Career Sooner

Choosing to attend a direct admission nursing program sets you on the path to success by launching your nursing career sooner than those who attend a traditional nursing school. This early start helps your career in the short term and can positively impact your long-term career trajectory. By entering the nursing workforce sooner, you begin earning an income and valuable experience, often before those who choose a traditional nursing program even graduate. This can put you years ahead of your competitors who choose to attend a traditional program. 

At WVJC School of Nursing, our direct admission programs equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need for successful nursing careers in two years or less! We cater to the needs of regional employers across West Virginia and the surrounding states by training qualified and dedicated nurses. 

If you are eager to take the next step toward a nursing career, WVJC School of Nursing is the place for you! Check out one of our direct admission Nursing programs by Requesting Information today. 

*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

*Passing the NCLEX-PN exam is required to become a Practical Nurse.

^See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.