16 Essential Online Study Tools for Students

Online study tools

Transitioning from high school or the workforce to college can bring with it a number of challenges. Not only do you need to apply yourself in acquiring the knowledge and skills your program is offering, but you need to refine your study habits to make sure you get the most out of your time.

With that in mind, WVJC Online decided to create this comprehensive list of online study tools so our students can be fully prepared as they embark on their exciting new chapters.

    • How to Study – The resources available on this comprehensive site include insights for taking tests and handling testing anxiety, organizational tools, mind maps, memory improvement exercises, time management and procrastination help, and much more. This is one site you should be certain to bookmark.


    • GoConqr – This site provides a host of quality resources for students during study, including self-created quizzes, flashcards, notes sections, flowcharts, slides, study planners, and mind maps which allow you to break down complicated topics into individual units, making study simpler and more manageable.


    • Bartleby.com – If you’re looking for reference texts, poetry, fiction, or nonfiction works, Bartleby supplies a wide variety of each for students free of charge. Their searchable database organized by collection and author makes tracking down worthwhile materials a snap. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking to brush up on key subjects.


    • Quizlet – Visitors to this site can create “sets” for a wide variety of subjects and Quizlet will offer up quizzes, flashcards, practice tests, matching games, and interactive audio tools. The games in particular are a novel and creative way to help you hone your skills and thoroughly learn a subject. Check them out!


    • TED.com – A great supplemental resource, and one which can open your mind to new possibilities, is TED. TED Talks have become famous internet features, allowing talented professionals to share insights about their fields, about emerging trends, and about possibilities worth exploring for those seeking a new career direction. Visit their site to get inspired!


    • StudyBlue – This site has a focus on collaboration, helping students to connect with one another so they can assist each other throughout the studying process. With the tool, you can connect with those who share learning goals, and also gain access to study guides, flashcards, and more.


    • Marinara Timer – With the goal of increasing your productivity, this site can serve as a vital resource for students looking for online study tools. The site employs the Pomodoro method of productivity, in which you work for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break, giving you a customizable timer to set your own working goals.


    • Wikipedia.org – While you should never use Wikipedia as a primary source in assignments for a variety of reasons, the website is still a great resource for the initial stages of your research. After finding information you deem valuable, you can check its original source to determine if you believe it to be trustworthy based on established criteria.


    • memorize.com – Looking to brush up on essential terms and definitions for your classes? This site can help! All the collaborative tools the site offers for users, including flashcards, multiple choice and matching tests, and forums for the posting of helpful articles, diagrams and graphics, means users can really cover their educational bases.


    • Project Gutenberg – Similar to Bartleby, this site provides free eBooks for texts which are no longer under copyright, making it a terrific online study resource for students. Over 54,000 free eBooks are currently available on the site, and more are being added all the time!


    • sleepyti.me – This site allows you to calculate the ideal times to go to sleep when you need to be awake at a particular time, which can be very advantageous when you’re trying to juggle classes, studying, work, and general life needs.


    • Evernote – The motto of this site is “Get organized. Work smarter. Remember everything,” and the tools they supply for users can certainly help you to do just that. Evernote allows you to synch information you’ve gathered across a variety of devices, such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and additionally lets you share information with other users.


    • StudyStack – If you learn most effectively when utilizing flashcards in your studying regimen, StudyStack can be a terrific online studying resource. Categories for flashcards include geography, business, medical, math, history, languages, science, and more. You can even create your own customized cards!


    • Study Guides and Strategies – Focusing on the process of learning itself, this site provides articles and other resources highlighting diverse learning styles, including classroom learning, visual learning, active learning, group learning, and self-studying, among many others. It’s a pretty thorough collection of information, so be sure to bookmark this one.


    • Schooltraq – Organization is often key to succeeding in formal learning environments like college, and this site allows you to utilize a digital planner to ensure that you stay up on essential due dates. Because it’s an electronic interface, you can easily reference it no matter where you are or what device is currently handy.


  • Grade Saver – Featuring a wide variety of study guides all written by Harvard University students, this site is dedicated to helping students improve their grades. The site also offers a helpful textbook section which details questions and answers found within a variety of texts to help you fully prepare before tests.

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