Business Administration/Accounting Graduate – Jordan Corley

As a 2007 graduate of Lewis County High School, Jordan Corley always dreamed of being a police officer.  She even earned an associate degree in Criminal Justice to aid in her goal.  In this world, life can throw curve balls.  The ball that life threw this time was when Jordan learned of her pregnancy. Being a soon to be mother, she was faced with a decision, and she decided not to pursue a life in law enforcement. Shortly after, she gave birth to Zander, who is now 9 years old.

Jordan Corley and children

Jordan was working at a local Dairy Mart and had just given birth to her second son, Elijah when she decided that it was time to go back to college.  What was she to do?  She had always been interested in the business field, so she figured she would give it a try.  She called WVJC Online and enrolled in the Business Administration/Accounting Program when baby Elijah was just 3 months old but life was still difficult for Jordan.  She had two young children, a job, and was now taking on a full time Accounting Program.

Jordan would wake up early every morning, before anyone else got up, and spend about an hour on her course work.  She would go to work, come home, take care of the kids, and then spend another hour or so in the evening after the kids went to bed studying.  Jordan worked hard, harder than most.  She was determined to accomplish more than being a Dairy Mart employee.

In her last 12 weeks of classes, she began her externship. The owner hired her before her externship ended.  She is currently working part-time at the company she externed for. She is excited to accept the full time position when it becomes available.

Jordan’s advice to future WVJC Online students is this:  Lean on people.  Lean on your support network.  They are there for you.  I had my mother and boyfriend to support me when I thought it was too much.  The people at WVJC Online were always there to help me, as well.   Time management skills will be your key to success in the Business Administration/Accounting field, or any other field that WVJC Online has to offer.  A little bit of prioritizing will go a long way.

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