Business Administration Graduate Highlight – Denise Spitznogle

Denise Spitznogle earned her associate degree in Business Administration through WVJC Online. A degree in Business Administration from WVJC Online is a versatile degree that offers a foundation in a variety of fields. For many students, this degree provides them the groundwork to progress and further their desires in the professional world. For Denise, her progression into the field of business started early. She moved from Baltimore, Maryland to beautiful Davis, West Virginia in 2012 to help her grandmother run The Alpine Lodge & Sawmill Restaurant. After graduating from Tucker County High School, Denise was looking for a school that could provide her flexibility, which would allow her to continue helping with the family business while she pursued her education. WVJC Online’s associate degree in Business Administration fit the bill for Denise and her goals.

One of the most important elements Denise was looking for was a friendly, caring environment. Although she was an online student, she did not feel that she missed having a campus experience at WVJC Online. She found her classmates, instructors, and the WVJC staff to be accepting, helpful and friendly. She enjoyed the supportive network of her peers and instructors. Throughout her time as a WVJC Online student, she also had the support of her mom, dad, little brother, and her co-workers at The Alpine Lodge & Sawmill Restaurant who were always encouraging her to do her best.

After earning her Associate Degree in Business Administration from WVJC online in February of this year, Denise continues her career at the family hotel and restaurant in order to gain more business and industry experience while working toward her ultimate goal of opening up her own small bakery. Denise has some great advice for new WVJC students. She says “when you struggle, stay focused on the goal.”  When she was struggling in the last stretch of her program, she was able to lean not only, on her family, but also, on the WVJC staff, who really helped encourage her to dig in and see her goal through to the end.

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