Carissa Ramey – Staff Highlight

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Meet one of our new Admissions Team Members

Carissa Ramey received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Illinois State University. She also obtained her associate degree in general studies at a community college back home in Illinois.

Before moving to Morgantown, Carissa worked as a child welfare case manager in Illinois for over three years. Before that, she worked in the same role temporarily in Iowa. She was in a direct service role, connecting families to community resources to help stabilize their families. Carissa was ready to step away from child welfare work because the stress of the job was starting to cause burnout.

Carissa currently works with West Virginia Junior College in the nursing admissions department. Part of this crucial position’s responsibilities is recruiting new students by offering a personalized enrollment experience. WVJC admissions team members create and maintain a meaningful relationship with our incoming students, so they know they are welcomed and not alone on their college journey.

She truly wants to make a difference in the lives of the people she works with, so she knew WVJC would be a place where that could happen without sacrificing her mental or physical health. Carissa loves working at WVJC because of the day-to-day interaction with students and the friendly work environment with a wonderful group of co-workers.

She learned quickly that WVJC is one big family, and employees are not just a number to those in higher-level positions. “For the first time in my adult professional life, I feel I have a supervisor who allows your family to be the first priority. We have a GREAT group of nursing admissions team members, and I absolutely love my job,” she says.

Carissa is proud of the life she has created with her husband and her kids. “It hasn’t come easy, and there are some seasons of parenthood that make you question your sanity, but our kids are amazing humans!” The priority of family and personal life is a huge aspect that Carissa loves about her position with West Virginia Junior College.

She also loves true crime, or maybe, she is a bit obsessed with it. So much so that her senior thesis research proposal was about female serial killers. Unfortunately for her, that proposal was not approved. She did spend an entire sixteen weeks studying the topic, however, and could be considered an expert in the field!

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