Caroline Maier – Student Highlight

Caroline Maier | WVJC

As a recent high school graduate, Caroline Maier was looking to pursue higher education without sacrificing the small atmosphere and one-on-one attention she needed to succeed. She found that environment at WVJC Morgantown and began her journey in Fall 2020. Caroline chose the Business Administration degree program because she wanted a general overview of all the requirements of becoming a business professional. She knew she enjoyed working with people and hoped that her knowledge from the Business Administration program would help her begin her career as a real estate agent someday!

Caroline’s favorite part of attending WVJC is the helpful environment! She appreciates how the instructors and office administration have helped her every step of the way, especially as she is preparing to graduate in February! Her favorite instructor so far is Samantha Esposito, the Campus President. Caroline really enjoyed everything the course taught her about becoming a well-spoken public speaker. She believes that this is a very important skill for someone planning a career in real estate and sales.

After graduation, Caroline would like to become an administrative assistant and move into an associate administrative role for a corporation one day. Additionally, she would like to obtain her real estate license and work in real estate in her spare time. She hopes to advance her career and move her way up through the company she has been working in for five years. Caroline would also like to build her relationships in real estate and establish a client list.

Caroline would recommend WVJC to any of her friends! She enjoys the friendly environment and the instructors that are always willing to help you when you need it. She wants everyone to feel the welcoming feeling she felt when she first walked through the college doors!

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