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Career Management Tips

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond graduation? Transitioning from student life to the professional world can be both exhilarating and daunting. But fear not—the Career Management Department at WVJC is here to guide you through this pivotal phase of your journey! Navigating the job market may seem daunting, but with the expertise and support … Read more

Why Is Professional Development Important?

Have you heard the infamous saying, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and wondered what it meant? Growth and change are vital to becoming the best version of yourself. Professional development is a large part of this and can positively impact your overall happiness. Professional growth begins in the classroom and extends … Read more

Tips for Building Your Resume

If you’ve found yourself grappling with where to start when it comes to your resume, unsure of what to include, or realizing it’s been ages since you last updated your resume, you’re in the right place. And if you’ve never crafted a resume before, fear not – WVJC’s career management directors have got you covered, … Read more

5 Tips For WVJC Students

How to Be Successful Students Embarking on the college journey is an exhilarating experience filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery. It marks a significant transition in one’s life, ushering in newfound independence and pursuing academic passions. However, with the plethora of academic responsibilities such as lectures, assignments, and exams, coupled with extracurricular engagements … Read more

Why National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certifications Are Important

Content Updated 05/08/2024 Are you looking for a healthcare training program that provides valuable training through classroom development, hands-on training, National Healthcareer Association certification* preparation, and an externship experience? If these qualities are necessary for your education, then a WVJC allied healthcare training program could be a great fit for you! Earning industry certifications can … Read more

Amber Walker – Staff Highlight

Meet our New Career Management Director The staff and faculty at WVJC are so excited to welcome Amber Walker to the team! Amber received her Bachelor’s Degree from Fairmont State University in Speech Communications with a minor in Journalism. She went on to get her Master’s in Business Administration from Salem. Along with that, she … Read more

Job Interview Tips and Tricks

How the interview process has changed COVID-19 drastically and rapidly altered the landscape of the workplace in many ways. Starting with interviews. In-person interviews happen much less frequently than before the pandemic. This also led to many companies allowing remote work to continue. The key to the modern workplace is being comfortable with technology! Since … Read more

How to Make a Good Impression in a Virtual Job Interview

In our Career Preparation course, students prepare for the challenges of searching for a new career. Virtual interviews have become one of those challenges! These interviews have their own unique set of rules and etiquette to follow. Watch this video to learn more about how to make a good impression in a virtual job interview! … Read more