Densel Chapman – Student Highlight

Meet Cybersecurity Student Densel Chapman Densel Chapman attended college before West Virginia Junior College at another institution where he was in the Electrical Technician program. His time there was pretty good, and his instructor, Jeff Greenly, was a very knowledgeable electrician and a phenomenal instructor. Before deciding to attend WVJC, Densel worked as an industrial … Read more

WVJC’s Favorite Christmas Carols

As the magic of the holiday season settles into our senses, the chilly air smells of fresh baked goods, multi-colored lights twinkle on rooftops, and the sounds of holiday cheer fill the air. Christmas carols are a staple part of what makes the holiday season festive, and every individual has their favorite songs that become … Read more

Chloe Henline – Student Highlight

Meet Online Cybersecurity Student Chloe Henline Chloe Henline briefly attended another college before realizing that continuing her education was not the right path for her at the time. She took her education seriously and wanted to avoid accumulating loan debt if she could not see herself completing a degree. In her hometown, Chloe is a … Read more

How School Security Teams Are Adapting to Modern Threats

Every student enrolled in school or higher-education programs across the US has the right to a safe and secure learning environment, but as common threats evolve over time, school security teams are faced with new challenges. While most facilities already utilize access control systems and video security cameras to protect students, some threats require more … Read more

Daniel Neal – Faculty Highlight

Meet Daniel Neal, This Week’s Faculty Spotlight! Daniel Neal received his associate degree in Computer Information Management in 1998. Between his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, he took a few years off to work in the field and gain experience. He went on to receive his bachelor’s in Information Technology and his master’s in Information Systems … Read more

WVJC Is Here To Help You Understand Cybersecurity

You’ve probably heard about the rapidly-growing cybersecurity industry. Still, many people do not fully understand the impact of good online practices on everyday life. WVJC is here to help you better understand cybersecurity and why it matters! Continue reading to discover the importance of cybersecurity, how cybersecurity can affect your life, and stay informed about … Read more

Careers vs. Jobs: The Path To Finding Your Passion

Are you ready to make a move from a job you don’t love to a career that provides you with stability and advancement opportunities? WVJC can set you on the path to your new career and help you leave short-term jobs behind. Continue reading to learn how to gain knowledge and skills to change your … Read more

Online Cybersecurity – Program Highlight

Content Updated 05/15/2024 You’ve probably heard about the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry. Still, many people do not fully understand the impact of good online practices on everyday life. WVJC Online is here to help you better understand cybersecurity and why it matters! By delving into the world of cybersecurity, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of … Read more

What Does It Mean To Skillify Yourself?

In recent years, many employers have started shifting toward a more skill-driven hiring method, and the healthcare field is no exception. As a result, many employers have begun requiring their employees to possess basic skills before starting a position, whether a degree or short-term training. West Virginia Junior College’s unique education approach allows our students and … Read more

SecureWV Conference 2022

West Virginia Junior College was thrilled to be one of the sponsors of this year’s SecureWV Conference in Charleston, WV, on October 21-22, 2022. Members of the information technology and cybersecurity communities met at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center for the two-day event. WVJC’s information technology students and faculty were in attendance, taking in … Read more