Measuring Oxygen Saturation Demonstration

Hands-On Skills – Measuring Oxygen Saturation West Virginia Junior College’s accelerated associate degree in Clinical Medical Assistant program provides valuable in-lab, hands-on training to our students. Watch as student Alexia demonstrates how to measure oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter. Medical assisting students at WVJC enjoy smaller classes, one-on-one instructional opportunities, and hands-on learning. They … Read more

Sterilization Wrapping Demonstration

WVJC Medical Assisting Program Director Chelsea walks her lab class through one of the proper sterilization wrapping options in this demonstration. Medical Assisting is offered in 9, 12, and 18-month program options at the Charleston campus. Small class settings with hands-on learning provide students the opportunity to ask questions directly to the instructor as well … Read more

Temperatures in the Lab

WVJC Charleston’s Clinical Medical Assistant Program Director, Chelsea, leads her class in the lab today as they practice vital signs. Watch as her students get the hands-on training needed with temperature checks. Students enjoy a small class size and a hands-on learning environment at WVJC to help prepare for their new careers. To get started … Read more

Medical Assisting Hand Washing Demonstration

Hands-on learning is a big draw for the WVJC Clinical Medical Assistant program. Our students thrive in an environment where they can use their new career skill sets regularly. As part of the degree program, a general education requirement students take is an effective communication course. Watch as medical assisting student Mia demonstrates how to … Read more

Clinical Medical Assisting: Blood Pressure Demonstration

Learn How to Take Blood Pressure At WVJC, our students enjoy the hands-on learning environment provided to help them learn new skills. Celebrating the success of a new skill is just as important as passing the certification* exams and graduating. Watch as clinical medical assisting students Maddy and Deonna demonstrate how to take a patient’s … Read more

Live in The Medical Assisting Lab: EKG Demonstration

West Virginia Junior College’s Medical Assisting Director, Chelsea Abbott, hosted a live-in-the-lab event on Facebook this month. Watch as Chelsea walks her current students through the process of an EKG. WVJC offers hands-on learning environments to help students obtain and retain the skills covered weekly for use in the field. Medical assisting students in our … Read more