IT Program

Laila Minigh – Student Highlight

Meet Information Technology Student Laila Minigh Laila Minigh’s transition from South Harrison High School to West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) marked a significant milestone in her academic journey. As she stood at the threshold of higher education, she carefully weighed her options, ultimately drawn to WVJC by its proximity and the promise of intimate class … Read more

Michael Payne – Student Highlight

Information Technology student Michael Payne discusses his time as a work-study student at WVJC. Our small, hands-on class settings and flexible scheduling allow students like Michael, right out of high school, to work and earn an income while pursuing their dreams. To get started on your great career and great life, request information from WVJC … Read more

Information Technology – Program Highlight

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of technology through the WVJC’s vibrant Information Technology program! Designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape, our curriculum spans a broad spectrum – from mastering coding languages to understanding intricate networking systems. At WVJC, we’re not … Read more

Haylee Syner – Graduate Highlight

Meet Information Technology Graduate Haylee Syner As Haylee Syner bid farewell to Uniontown Area High School in June 2022, she eagerly anticipated the next chapter of her academic journey. With a heart brimming with ambition and excitement, she stepped onto the threshold of WVJC in August of the same year, marking the beginning of her … Read more

Information Technology – Program Highlight

Can you picture yourself performing a variety of tasks like PC repair and information security in your future career? Information Technology may be the perfect career choice for you! Learn Skills like Cisco technology, Protection of confidential information, LAN and WAN technologies, Network and server administration, PC repair, Switching and routing, Command line interfaces, and … Read more

Information Technology – Program Highlight

West Virginia Junior College offers an Information Technology program at our WVJC Morgantown location. Our IT training program will prepare students for a career in IT. As the role of technology in business and life increases, IT professionals are becoming increasingly more in demand.  What Is Information Technology? Information Technology refers to the use of … Read more