WVJC School of Nursing

Mon Health Mass Casualty Simulation

Preparing for the Unthinkable: Inside a Realistic Mass Casualty Simulation Step into the action with us as we delve into our recent mass casualty simulation with the Mon Health cohort! Taking place on May 3, 2024, this event was no ordinary exercise – it was a thrilling test of our students’ triage skills in a … Read more

WVJC Morgantown Nursing
Pinning Ceremony

Morgantown Nursing Pinning Celebration The Nursing Pinning Ceremony is a momentous occasion as we celebrate the incredible journey of the WVJC nursing students who graduated and received their pins on April 27th, 2024! 🎉 These students poured their hearts and souls into their education, dedicating countless hours to study and embracing every challenging moment of … Read more

Wheeling Online/Hybrid Nursing – Program Highlight

Introducing WVJC School of Nursing’s New Online/Hybrid Nursing Program in Wheeling! Do you live in West Virginia’s Northern panhandle and need a nursing program that allows you to earn your degree with some flexibility? Look no further than WVJC School of Nursing’s new Online/Hybrid Nursing Program based in Wheeling, WV! This new and exciting program … Read more

Parkersburg and Martinsburg April Nursing Pinning Ceremonies

Congratulations, Nursing Graduates! The WVJC Bridgeport pinning ceremonies celebrated the remarkable journey of our nursing students from Parkersburg and Martinsburg cohorts on April 5th and 6th, 2024! 🎉 These students have devoted themselves to their education, investing countless hours in study and embracing every challenge during their clinical experiences. Their journey has been marked by … Read more

Cody Everson – Student Highlight

Meet Morgantown Nursing Student Cody Everson Cody Everson’s educational journey began at another institution, where he initially embarked on his academic pursuits. While he found his time largely positive, he felt a lack of personalized support from tutors or instructors. However, his professional journey took an intriguing turn when he transitioned to the Rockefeller Neuroscience … Read more

WVJC School Of Nursing at Mon Health Orientation

WVJC partnered with Mon Health to create the WVJC School of Nursing at Mon Health, and it started its second nursing cohort this April. This orientation is designed to help students get familiar with the Mon General campus as well as get students the necessary login information for their classes. Students can make a great … Read more

CAMC Center for Learning and Research

WVJC School of Nursing students enroll in an 18-month accelerated Nursing program structured to prepare them for working in the field after graduation. The CAMC Center for Learning and Research is a new addition to Charleston. WVJC is proud to offer such an innovative location where our students can learn and grow as they navigate the Nursing program. For … Read more

Benefits Of A Direct Admission Nursing Program

Do you want a career in nursing but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re considering a career in healthcare, and nursing is one of your options. Whatever your circumstances, direct admission Nursing or Practical Nursing programs may be an excellent choice for you! Employers need nurses, making this a great career choice for … Read more

WVJC Charleston Student Success Stories

Student success stories at WVJC come in all forms. From graduation to passing a big test or purchasing a first home, they all deserve to be celebrated. Watch as Chris, Kylie, and Najee share their success stories during their time here at West Virginia Junior College. Be successful now by requesting more information and speaking … Read more

WVJC Morgantown Nursing Pinning Ceremony 2023

At WVJC, the Nursing Pinning Ceremony is a distinguished event that symbolizes the transition of nursing graduates into the professional realm. Much more than a typical graduation ceremony, this event is deeply rooted in tradition and honors the completion of the Nursing program. During this dignified celebration, each graduate is presented with a WVJC nursing pin, marking their official induction into the … Read more