Cayla Rice – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Office Administration
Diploma Student Cayla Rice

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Cayla Rice is currently a student in the Medical Office Administration diploma program. She chose this program because she was looking for an education so that she could get to work from home and be with her family more. She soon realized that being at WVJC that she has the potential to grow, and it has made her want to continue her education. She has decided that once she completes this degree, she will reenroll in the Medical Office Administration degree.

Miss Rice chose WVJC because of the small class size, the amazing staff, and the program director that pushes her daily to keep improving herself. Her advice for anyone looking to enroll at WVJC would be, “Don’t put off what you can start today, and always put your best foot forward so that you can excel in your future endeavors.” She would definitely refer a friend to West Virginia Junior College. The classes are smaller, the program is accelerated, and the teachers here are very welcoming and ready to help in any way.

Cayla did not enjoy her first college experience at Fairmont State University, and she felt like more of a number than a student. Cayla also worked at Texas Roadhouse as a cook.

Cayla’s favorite part of attending West Virginia Junior College is the teachers. Ms. Cummings is one of those teachers that help you understand your potential and has pushed me to be more than I was trying to be. She also has enjoyed making friends. On Fridays, Ms. Cummings has created study groups for the medical assisting and medical office administrated students. Cayla has appreciated the opportunity to study with her friends and practice her skills in the lab.

When asked who her favorite teacher is, Cayla stated, “Honestly, I have more than one favorite teacher, Ms. Cummings and Ms. Holyfield. They both are very helpful and willing to put the extra time in to help their students.”

One class that she is most excited about is her lab classes. Ms. Rice feels that her lab classes give her the opportunity to be part of a team. Cayla’s ability to work as a team has given her the opportunity to become a student ambassador. As a student ambassador, Cayla assists the program director with new student orientation and campus tours.

Cayla’s dream job is to work in a pediatrician’s office or an orthopedics office. In five years, she would like to be more stable financially and emotionally. She would like to be able to give her family a lot more attention than they are currently getting from her due to schoolwork.

When Cayla is not at school, she enjoys watching professional soccer, hiking at Seneca Rocks, or being outdoors. Her favorite soccer teams besides the U.S. are Manchester United and Real Barcelona. Cayla has a 4-year-old son named Elijah. She and Elijah watch Jurassic Park movies and play with his toy dinosaurs. They also enjoy vacationing at Nags Head Beach, NC.

Cayla’s friends would say that she is a great friend and someone who would go out of her way to help with anything. Her family always tells her how proud they are of her for getting this far in school.

West Virginia Junior College has shown Cayla that no matter what happens in life, you can always achieve what you set out to do. If you want to achieve your goals and start your educational journey, learn more about WVJC’s accelerated programs by requesting information today!