Chloe Henline – Student Highlight

Meet Online Cybersecurity Student
Chloe Henline

Chloe Henline briefly attended another college before realizing that continuing her education was not the right path for her at the time. She took her education seriously and wanted to avoid accumulating loan debt if she could not see herself completing a degree.

Chloe Henline - Student Highlight

In her hometown, Chloe is a respected leader, serving as the Northern Webster County Improvement Council Secretary. In this role, Chloe is integral in organizing community events designed to promote unity and strengthen the bonds within the community. Her commitment to community service and leadership extends beyond this role, as she has also chosen to be a dedicated wife and homeschool her children.

The institution’s online learning opportunities fueled the pivotal decision to enroll at WVJC, which resonated deeply with her passion and personal circumstances. The flexibility provided by WVJC allowed her to seamlessly integrate her education into her daily life without upending her responsibilities at home.

Chloe’s intrigue with cybercriminal activities led her to pursue a degree in cybersecurity. She was drawn to the ever-evolving nature of the field, where new threats emerged daily. The prospect of learning to defend against these cyber-attacks fascinated her and solidified her decision to embark on this educational journey.

Apart from its online format, one of the standout features of WVJC is the unwavering support and involvement of the faculty in ensuring the success of their students. Chloe stated that faculty members quickly address challenges and offer assistance when needed, creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

While Chloe holds all her teachers in high regard, she reserves a special appreciation for the instructors in her Cybersecurity program. Edward Rothwell, Travis Kimmel, and Ron Price consistently go above and beyond to support her. They readily schedule Zoom meetings, respond promptly to emails, and provide additional assistance when troubleshooting issues or preparing for certification exams.

Chloe’s educational journey has already seen her complete several courses, the most thrilling being those within the Cybersecurity program. The Ethical Hacking courses, with their hands-on labs, have been particularly engaging, offering practical experience with the tools utilized in the cybersecurity field. The Cybersecurity Defense courses have also been enlightening, deepening her understanding of various policies and defense tactics employed in the industry.

Looking ahead, Chloe has a clear vision for her post-graduation career. She aspires to work as a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst or a Vulnerability Researcher, roles that allow her to apply her newfound skills and knowledge. In five years, she envisions herself holding a significant position in the cybersecurity industry, where she will have established herself as a valuable asset that any company would be fortunate to have.

Chloe’s enthusiasm for WVJC is boundless, and she readily extends her recommendation to friends and strangers. The institution’s supportive faculty, engaging coursework, and thought-provoking curriculum make it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to further their education and career prospects.

Her advice to those considering enrollment at WVJC is practical and sound. She encourages students to create a well-structured study schedule and adhere to it diligently, preventing workloads from becoming overwhelming. Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of seeking help when needed, as the instructors at WVJC are always approachable and willing to assist in addressing any challenges.

In reflecting on her educational journey, Chloe acknowledges that WVJC has endowed her with various skills she never thought she would possess. The Cybersecurity program has provided a comprehensive foundation, starting with fundamental system diagnostics and progressing through networking fundamentals. This holistic approach has enabled her to understand information security, cybersecurity defense, and policy development. Her proficiency in using industry-standard tools has set her on the path to a promising and fulfilling career in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.

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