Christy Shanabarger – Student Highlight

Practical Nursing Student Highlight – Christy Shanabarger

Christy Shanabarger is a student in the Practical Nursing program at West Virginia Junior College.

Christy Shanabarger scaled e1657572677595 | WVJCBefore attending WVJC, Christy worked in a variety of jobs at places like Walmart, Hardees, and a few hotels. It didn’t take long after working those positions to figure out that it wasn’t what she wanted for her career or life.

Christy decided on the nursing program at WVJC because of the ability to complete her education in one year. Christy wanted to have a stable career, and she knew that nursing was the path for her. She wants to be a nurse in order to help people with their health issues and be able to contribute to her family financially. Christy is set to graduate from the LPN program in December 2022 and is eager to join the workforce.

Christy is married and has seven children ranging in age. Her focus has always been on providing for her family and raising her children. Now that her children are older, she has decided to focus on herself and a career she can enjoy once the children are all fully grown and out on their own. Even though she knew it was a big leap, she was ready for the hard work due to her determination. She strives to set the best example that she can for her children.

Christy attributes her success so far to having an incredible support system at home and a great support system at school. A typical day for her is to get up at 5 am, help her children get ready for school, and get them on the bus at 6:15 am. She then goes to her classes all day and gets home at 5 pm to help her husband cook supper for the family. After supper, they share clean-up chores, and then everyone gets started on their homework, including her. “This might not be the traditional looking home in the evening, but it works for us,” she says.

After graduation, Christy is considering a career in Pediatric Nursing or Maternity Nursing.  Either way, she is eager and ready to complete her education for herself and begin her nursing career.

Christy’s advice for future nursing students would be: “Make sure you have a good support system at home and at school.  People who understand that you have to study like it is a full-time job.  Make sure you connect with your classmates and help each other.” She continued, “I have made many connections while attending WVJC with fellow classmates and instructors. I believe that these connections have motivated me to keep going.”

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