Cierra Weaver – Student Highlight

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Cierra Weaver is not only a full-time student but also a full-time mother. She attends West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport where she is earning her associate degree in Clinical Medical Assisting. Cierra began her journey at WVJC in September of 2017, at the age of 21. She had never attended college before and was concerned about the balance of attending school while taking care of her son. Once she started, she knew she has no reason to worry. “It’s convenient for my son and me. The 18 month programs are short and will help me get into my field quicker”, she says. Cierra is motivated by her son and looks forward to giving them both a better life. Before she began her medical assisting classes at WVJC, she worked part-time at a local newspaper company.

Cierra had previously obtained her CNA, but she felt like there was something more for her out there. She says, “I just wanted to step up and be something more.” Her favorite part of attending WVJC is “being able to go to school, do homework, still find time to work, and be with family.” It is important to Cierra that she is able to spend quality time with her son. She is torn between two of her favorite instructors, Nicole Holyfield and David Cutright. “All of their classes are fun and enjoyable, no matter the subject.”

Cierra’s idea of a perfect day is “feeling fully rested, a coffee in my hand, homework turned in on time, learning from my teachers, and being able to go home and enjoy my day.” Cierra is busy planning her future and setting goals. After graduation, she wants to be working as a medical assistant in a small doctor’s office. She wants her personal life to thrive as well. “I want to be married, have a house, and just provide my son with happiness.”

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