Cody Everson – Student Highlight

Meet Morgantown Nursing Student Cody Everson

Cody Everson’s educational journey began at another institution, where he initially embarked on his academic pursuits. While he found his time largely positive, he felt a lack of personalized support from tutors or instructors. However, his professional journey took an intriguing turn when he transitioned to the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (RNI), where he served as a research assistant before enrolling at WVJC.

Cody Everson - Nursing Student HighlightAmidst a quest for a new career path, Cody found himself drawn to the 18-month Nursing program at WVJC. This particular program offered him the flexibility to maintain his employment at the RNI while pursuing his academic endeavors. His decision to delve into nursing stemmed from a deep-seated appreciation for the compassionate aspect of nursing care, coupled with a keen interest in the scientific and evidence-based practices inherent in the field.

One of the most cherished aspects of Cody’s time at WVJC has been the deep connections he’s cultivated with fellow students, faculty, and nursing mentors. Notably, Cathy DeWitt has left an indelible mark as Cody’s preferred instructor, admired for her wealth of expertise, practical wisdom, and ability to infuse humor into the learning milieu. Her unique approach has facilitated Cody’s academic growth and fostered a supportive and engaging atmosphere, enhancing his overall educational journey.

Cody’s enthusiasm for his chosen profession is palpable, particularly evident in his eagerness to explore pediatrics and mental health units, recognizing the challenges and importance of these areas within the nursing domain. As he looks ahead to his post-graduation aspirations, Cody envisions himself thriving in either the operating room’s high-pressure environment or the emergency department’s dynamic setting.

Reflecting on his WVJC experience, Cody wholeheartedly endorses the institution to others. He emphasizes the program’s accelerated nature and the advantage of smaller class sizes, which fosters a conducive environment for personalized attention and support. To aspiring nurses, Cody offers words of encouragement, acknowledging the difficulty of the journey but affirming its worthiness for those genuinely committed to the profession. He underscores the reciprocal nature of respect and effort, highlighting the supportive culture fostered by the WVJC staff.

From Cody’s perspective, WVJC has been instrumental in honing his nursing skills and fostering his personal and professional development. The program’s focus on readying students for the rapid pace of the nursing field has been transformative, instilling in Cody a heightened sense of responsibility and adaptability. Through his experiences at WVJC, Cody has matured as a healthcare provider and as an individual, gaining valuable insights into teamwork, critical thinking, and resilience. This comprehensive growth, both in terms of clinical expertise and personal attributes, has prepared Cody to navigate the multifaceted challenges of the healthcare landscape with confidence and competence. As he looks towards the future, Cody remains grateful for the formative role WVJC has played in shaping his journey toward becoming a proficient and compassionate nursing professional.

As Cody steps into the post-graduation chapter of his life, WVJC proudly extends its sincere congratulations and heartfelt well-wishes for his ongoing success in all his career pursuits. His unwavering dedication, palpable passion, and steadfast commitment to the nursing profession stand as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for both present and future students alike. Cody’s remarkable journey serves as a vivid testament to the transformative potential of education, showcasing how it can profoundly shape and mold one’s future trajectory. Through his perseverance and determination, Cody embodies the profound impact that education can have in unlocking opportunities and empowering individuals to realize their fullest potential. As he ventures forward, WVJC remains confident in Cody’s ability to make significant contributions to the healthcare field, enriching the lives of those he serves and leaving an indelible mark on the world around him.

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