Cortney Raynor – Student Highlight

Cortney Raynor | WVJC

Before enrolling at WVJC Online, Cortney Raynor worked as a video operations manager as a wife and a mom to two young girls. Cortney had previously graduated from a four-year university with a degree in communication and media arts. She had a great time and great memories from her experiences at this university, but she felt that she was a “fish in a huge ocean” and never really had one-on-one time with her professors.

Cortney chose to attend WVJC Online for a few different reasons. “When I had the meeting with admissions, I could really tell that they were invested in me starting my second career and that they really wanted me to succeed. Everyone I spoke to was so caring and supportive without ever meeting me in person. I also chose WVJC Online for the hands-on learning they were providing and the opportunity to attend school without disrupting my work and personal life tasks,” said Cortney.

Cortney always dreamed of working in the healthcare field, even when life took her down a different path working in television. “I chose the Clinical Medical Assistant program because I have always had a love for helping people and for the field. This program allowed me to start my second career without sacrificing time at home or my job to do so. I was able to do my classes online, and most importantly, still get the hands-on experience needed to secure a job after graduation,” said Cortney.

Cortney’s favorite part of attending WVJC Online is the small class sizes. She likes that the instructors know exactly who you are. She appreciated that instructors made themselves available when she needed to talk, vent, or ask questions about an assignment. Cortney’s favorite instructor is Carrie Friend. “I love her energy, and whenever I have needed help with an assignment or just needed to talk in general, she has always made herself available. I know that even after I graduate, I can send her a text, and she will help,” said Cortney.

After graduating, Cortney would like to work as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant in a cardiology office. In five years, she hopes to be happy in her new career and own a home in her hometown of Philadelphia. Cortney would definitely recommend WVJC Online to a friend looking to start a new career. “Their programs do not take very long to complete, and you have the option to complete your schooling while still being able to work and live life. The staff alone would be a big reason to refer a friend to WVJC Online. Everyone truly cares about you and wants to help you succeed,” said Cortney.

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