Daniel Neal – Faculty Highlight

Meet Daniel Neal, This Week’s Faculty Spotlight!

Daniel Neal - Faculty Highlight

Daniel Neal received his associate degree in Computer Information Management in 1998. Between his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, he took a few years off to work in the field and gain experience. He went on to receive his bachelor’s in Information Technology and his master’s in Information Systems in 2005 and 2007, respectively and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Information Technology.

Daniel has previously worked in data collection, middleware development, and web application design. He has worked with large Fortune 500 companies over the years, like Sprint, Worldpac, and Nortel Networks. At one point, he had his own consulting business in web application design, where he worked with large companies in Pittsburgh and even a couple of Steelers players! Daniel hopes to move up in his career and start looking towards start-ups, technology and staying at the cutting edge of IT. While he enjoys academics and teaching and will always see a place for it in his career, the entrepreneurial aspect of IT gets him the most excited, and he has some prospects on the horizon.

Daniel teaches our Current Events course at WVJC and really enjoys his role as an adjunct instructor. Daniel also teaches courses in cybersecurity, teaching students the importance of protecting and safeguarding data against theft and loss. He finds the topics interesting, the students engaging, and the general work responsibilities meaningful. Daniel says he chose to work at WVJC because it’s close to home. He stated that many of the students are close to home too, and he enjoys working with and advancing some of his fellow residents. He really enjoys the environment that WVJC has fostered with its faculty, staff, and students. Daniel’s favorite part about working at WVJC is the connections. The students, the staff, and everyone are warm, welcoming, and friendly. In addition, he says that teaching current events is a real breath of fresh air for him.

Daniel gets his motivation from his family. Daniel is a dedicated father and says that his family “makes him want to be a better human being and excel in his career.” He says they make him his best self. When asked what he is most proud of, Daniel said, “My children, period.”.  Daniel has had many accomplishments in his lifetime, from semi-pro sports to his military career and his achievements in academics, but his children are what makes him the proudest.

Outside of work, Daniel is an avid runner and has recently started getting back into the sport. He says his running accomplishments are minimal at this point, but his goals are many. He has been working on them little by little each day and hopes to check an ultra-marathon off his bucket list in the near future. Aside from running, he also enjoys learning new programming languages, technology topics, NFTs, and other collectibles. He is also a history buff and loves going to visit historic sites around our great nation in his spare time.

Daniel is a wonderful resource to our students and is always available to help any student in need. When asked, he said he would encourage anyone looking to attend a college to come to WVJC. Out of all of the schools Daniel has worked at, he says WVJC is his favorite because of the amazing people and atmosphere we have curated in our institution.

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