Danielle Mills – Student Highlight

With a vision to succeed, Danielle Mills needed the right program that aligned with her passion and career goals. Danielle made the decision to enroll in the Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC Charleston. Danielle said, “Choosing a career path came down to visiting WVJC. Danielle Mills | WVJCThe staff helps students from the very beginning to ensure they are on the right track to reach their career goals.” When asked why she chose medical assisting, Danielle explained, “After working in home health, I wanted to further my education to continue to help people. Choosing this major gives me a solid foundation to advance in my medical career.”

Danielle, like many others, experienced multiple job transitions that were leading her nowhere.  She realized she needed a fast-track education that would lead to a career and stop the cycle of dead end jobs. Danielle said, “WVJC has provided an exceptional education and a caring staff to help in any situation. I feel confident that WVJC will help me reach my goals by providing a good education in a supportive environment.”  Many students comment on how the staff and faculty feel like family. Speaking of staff, Danielle said that Michelle Miles, WVJC Charleston Campus President is one of her favorites. “I chose Michelle because she has an open-door policy and her first priority is students. She has supported me through everything with the medical club and my education.”

Danielle said, “Anyone considering furthering their education should set up a meeting with the staff at WVJC. One simple conversation can turn a dream into a career.” If you would like to know more about the fast track medical programs or other programs at WVJC, please visit wvjc.edu for more information and apply today!

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