Elizabeth Lowther – Graduate Highlight

Meet WVJC Online Pharmacy Technician Graduate Elizabeth Lowther

Elizabeth Lowther is a recent WVJC Online Pharmacy Technician program graduate, marking a significant milestone in her evolving career in the medical field. Initially, Elizabeth had graduated from the Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program at WVJC. However, shortly after her graduation, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down many industries, including healthcare. Faced with an uncertain job market, Elizabeth decided to pivot her career. During this period, she worked as a supervisor at Sheetz, waiting for the right moment to re-enter the medical field.

Elizabeth Lowther - Graduate HighlightAs the pandemic began to subside, Elizabeth reassessed her career goals and concluded that she wanted to remain in the medical field but explore a different specialty than Clinical Medical Assistant. Reflecting on her positive experience at WVJC, where she found the staff helpful and supportive, she chose to return for further education. Elizabeth was particularly drawn to WVJC’s Pharmacy Technician program, influenced by the positive feedback she had heard about it and her own fond memories of the supportive environment at WVJC.

Elizabeth chose to return to WVJC primarily because the smaller class sizes offered a more personalized and hands-on instruction experience. This aspect of WVJC’s educational approach was vital to her, as it allowed for a more engaging and interactive learning environment compared to larger colleges or universities. The intimate setting enabled teachers to give more individual attention, fostering a deeper understanding of the material and practical skills. For Elizabeth, this personalized attention was a key factor in her educational success and satisfaction, making WVJC the ideal place to continue her studies in the Pharmacy Technician program.

During her time in the Pharmacy Technician program, Elizabeth’s favorite teacher was Jamie McGuire, her program director. Elizabeth particularly enjoyed the class PCP 201, where the curriculum focused on the compounding aspect of pharmacy technician work. The hands-on learning in this class was something Elizabeth found deeply engaging and fulfilling, reinforcing her decision to pursue this new career path.

Before graduating, Elizabeth completed an externship at Fast and Friendly Pharmacy in Weston, WV. This practical experience was instrumental in her training and preparation for her new career. On her last day at the externship site, her dedication and skills were recognized, and she was hired on the spot. Elizabeth has now been working at Fast and Friendly Pharmacy for about a month and expresses great satisfaction with her position, describing her job as amazing and stating that she loves working there.

Looking to the future, Elizabeth has set ambitious goals for herself. In the next five years, she hopes to further her education and become a pharmacist. This aspiration reflects her commitment to advancing in the medical field and her desire to build on the foundation she has established through her education and work experience.

Throughout her journey, Elizabeth has been a strong advocate for WVJC, recommending the college to her friends due to the friendly atmosphere and the helpful staff she encountered during her studies. Her story is a testament to the supportive and effective educational environment at WVJC, and the college community is incredibly proud of her achievements and progress.

Elizabeth’s journey from a Clinical Medical Assistant graduate navigating the challenges of a pandemic to a Pharmacy Technician thriving in her new role showcases her resilience and determination. Her positive experiences at WVJC, coupled with the practical training she received, have equipped her with the skills and confidence to succeed in her new career. The staff and faculty at WVJC celebrate Elizabeth’s accomplishments and look forward to her continued success in the medical field.

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