Emma Cannon – Admissions Highlight

“ I enjoy connecting with our students and encouraging them to believe in themselves to see their true potential.”- Emma Cannon

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Emma Cannon is an Admissions Advisor at WVJC Online. As an Admissions Advisor, it is her job to guide a potential student through the admissions process. She tends to create a close bond with the students that she works with.  It is very common to find her chatting with her students, helping them over the “bumps in the road” that happen from time to time. She teaches her students her own philosophy on goal setting. She says, “I have learned to acclimate my goals based upon life’s everyday challenges. That makes them more achievable.” Emma not only teaches her students this philosophy, but lives by it herself.

Emma has been working in the admissions department for more than a year.  She came to work at the school to advance her career, but did not expect the experience she has since had. “I wanted to give my son a better life…It has been the best decision, and the most rewarding career that I have ever had.”  If you ask most faculty and staff at WVJC, they would agree that helping our students achieve their goals is the best part of what we do. In Emma’s words, “I enjoy connecting with our students and encouraging them to believe in themselves to see their true potential.”

Emma’s personal motivation has always come from within, but she credits her son for the level of motivation that she has each day. “After my son was born, my motivation doubled because I had two lives to be responsible for.” Emma uses this motivation to help our students head down the road to a great career and a great life. Emma believes that there is a solution to every problem. She lives her life that way and uses that philosophy to help every student, and potential student, that she works with. “I still encounter obstacles every day, but I never give up and, instead, always find a way.”

If you have ever thought about going back to school, give Emma a call at the school and ask her about WVJC’s many online associate degree programs.

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