Externship Highlight – Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity Inc.

Externship Location – Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity Inc.
Phi Sigma Phi | WVJC

Creating a lasting relationship with our externship sites is essential to providing students with a quality, hands-on experience. At Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity Inc., Business Administration (BA) students, Business Administration/Accounting (BAA) students, and Business Administration/Human Resources (BA/HR) students receive just that and more.

Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity Inc. is a registered 501c non-profit organization. College students who become a member of Phi Sigma Phi are welcomed into a community founded and grown on the three principles of honor, justice, and wisdom. The organization provides career-building, resources, and networking opportunities to its members. Their chapters are found throughout the country at many schools and offer many potential opportunities.

Phi Sigma Phi, like many businesses, had to adapt throughout the COVID pandemic. The last two and a half years have forced people to utilize virtual work, learning, and communication. They have grown into this challenge and worked with their students to ready them for more virtual learning and work environments.

They maximize their efficiency by improving technology and allowing for a more extensive workplace. This provides WVJC students with the opportunity to experience a workplace of the future as we move towards a virtual work environment and as technology continues to become the key to success for businesses around the world.

Phi Sigma Phi provides many key benefits for externs. Most of the positions are remote, allowing the students to experience working from home. There is also a lot of independence given to externs as long as projects are completed. This will enable students to create a strong work ethic and hold themselves accountable. Externs work with other businesses to develop partnerships, work on marketing projects, and complete accounting tasks.

Having WVJC Online students complete their externships with Phi Sigma Phi gives them the opportunity to get hands-on experience working with a specific business type. They also gain experience in many different areas of business operations, which benefits them greatly as they move on to a job after graduation.

National Advisory Counselor and Marketing Director, Dustin Blakenship, works closely with WVJC’s Externship students.

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