Graduate Highlight – Candice Barr

Candice BarrCandice Barr is a hardworking mother, wife, and student. She went to Fairmont State University after she graduated from high school, but stated that she “didn’t realize the importance of [her] education then”.  While attending WVJC Online, she has been working part-time jobs to care for her daughter who has special needs and also taking care of the rest of her family. Candice decided to make this important life decision after seeing a commercial for WVJC that made her wonder about her future and the possible career options ahead of her.

Candice has always enjoyed working as a CNA, but says that she knew she could never make a living at it without her degree.  She enjoys working with people, especially when she is able to help them get healthier, so our Clinical Medical Assistant program was perfect for her!  When asked about her favorite part of the program Candice said, “the versatility, no matter what time I had free to do my schoolwork, WVJC was there with fair deadlines”. Candice attributes many people to helping her succeed along the way, most notably her professors, who made her experience at WVJC memorable. “Mrs. Carrie Friend taught me the ins and outs of the clinical setting and it prepared me for my externship and I am grateful for that”. Candice was offered a part-time position at her externship site and credits her success in her program to the experiences she has had.

Candice is now a certified Clinical Medical Assistant with an associate’s degree from WVJC.  “I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing the feat of having a degree.  I hope it’s an example to my children of what they can achieve.” She continues to be an inspiration to her children and many others and she hopes to continue her education in the future by earning a Master’s degree!

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