Graduate Highlight – Casey Painter

Casey PainterSome students begin college without realizing their true passion, not Casey Painter. She aspired to become a medical assistant and chose West Virginia Junior College – Charleston to obtain that dream.

Painter, at November 2014 graduate, chose WVJC because of the fast pace schedule and she knew the faster she completed college the sooner she would be able to begin her career.

I chose Medical Assisting because it’s my passion. I love helping and interacting with my patients while making sure all of their needs are met,” said Painter

Following graduation, Casey gained employment with Thomas Memorial Hospital. Today, she works as a medical assistant in the Neurology and Pain Center doing triage and scheduling.

“I love my new career. All of my coworkers are so nice, calm and helpful and so is the doctor. I love all of my patients and I’m doing pretty well so far,” stated Painter.

During her time at the college Casey maintained a 4.0 GPA and graduated with highest honors. With stellar academics and employment following graduation, she offers some valuable advice to prospective and new students.

“My advice to new students is to do the very best you can. Don’t slack off. Even if you don’t think a certain class has anything to do with your career, make sure you learn all you can, you never know just how much it can benefit you,” advises Painter.

Additionally, Casey says the instructors and staff at WVJC were some of her biggest supporters.

A couple of my biggest supporters were Marla Nowlin and Cindy Campbell. Marla was always willing to help me and never forgot about anything I needed. She was very kind hearted and went out of her way even after I graduated to help me find the perfect job – which she did! Ms. Campbell was a great medical coordinator! She taught me everything I know about how to be the perfect medical assistant and that means a lot to me.

Casey’s experience is just one of countless success stories. She is another example of what it means to have a goal, work hard to obtain it, and be passionate about waking up to go to work. 



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