Handwashing Etiquette

Today, watch Emily Junkins and Molly O’Dell, students in West Virginia Junior College’s Dental Assisting program, perform proper hand washing etiquette. Proper handwashing requires a specific protocol to be effective. In this video, the student’s list and perform the following steps.

First, the recommendation of using warm water, as it has a better bacterium and germ-killing effectiveness. Then, use liquid antibacterial soap instead of bar soap before lathering your hands. The assisting students will demonstrate proper handwashing motions to achieve optimum sanitation by cleansing palms, between fingers, and under fingernails. Once thorough washing is completed, the pat dry method is shown. This is not only recommended in the health care setting but also for everyday handwashing in any setting. Thank you, and enjoy this informative presentation!

Learn Proper Hand-washing Etiquette