Hannah Devos – Graduate Highlight

Meet Nursing Graduate Hannah Devos

Before attending WVJC Morgantown, Hannah Devos completed a year of prerequisites at a local community college. She enjoyed it there, but it was not a close-knit atmosphere like WVJC. The professors were friendly and knowledgeable, and she says she felt that attending that community college shaped her into the student she became at WVJC. She had attended this community college to complete some of the mandatory prerequisites to be accepted into their nursing program while simultaneously raising her four children with her husband, Justin.

Hannah Devos - Graduate HighlightWhile finishing up her last semester at her previous college, she started to feel discouraged because many of the mandatory courses she had to take to apply to their nursing program did not relate to her area of study. She felt that those prerequisites were unnecessary and unhelpful. Due to having so many prerequisites that did not apply to nursing, it would have taken her four and a half years to complete her ADN there, so she decided to “college shop” and research nursing programs that would better suit her needs. She heard about WVJC from a few acquaintances who have previously attended and received their ADN. After reaching out to the administration at WVJC and finding out that all of their prerequisites were nursing-based and the program was only 18 months long, she decided to take the leap and apply and take her TEAS exam.

Hannah grew up in Farmington, Pennsylvania, where her grandparents owned a personal care home. For as long as she can remember, she has always had the desire to be a nurse. When she was young, she would help with the patients in the personal care home and always enjoyed caring for people. She likes to think of herself as a caring, compassionate, and nurturing person- which is perfect for the nursing field.

Hannah has a lot of favorite memories from attending WVJC, but the best part about attending was how close her cohort of nursing students was. Their times of studying, laughing, crying, and hanging out in the student lounge will always be what she misses the most. Throughout her journey at WVJC, most of her cohort became not only friends but also “family.” She says they are all still close, even after completing their NCLEX exams* and starting their careers.

Without a doubt, Hannah’s favorite teacher is Cathy DeWitt. Hannah said, “Cathy is not only the most knowledgeable professor that I have ever met but one of the best nurses that I have ever had the chance to learn from.” Cathy taught many nursing classes at WVJC, and Hannah says she possesses so much knowledge about the nursing field. While teaching, Cahty was always able to bring real-world examples and experiences to the classroom and lectures to help her students better understand the content. Hannah says she hopes to be the nurse that Cathy is someday.

Hannah is spending as much time as possible with her kids and husband before she starts her position at Uniontown Hospital in January. She is extremely excited to start her career but is so happy to have this month to relax and unwind.

In 5 years, she hopes to have completed her BSN and maybe even her MSN. She is still unsure of whether she would like to attend school to become a nurse practitioner but says time will tell.

Hannah says that WVJC is a great school. All of the classes are nursing-based, and the program is only 18 months long. That sounds like a long time, but before you know it, you’re graduating and starting your career. However, she says that the classes are fast-paced and can be challenging, but as long as you have the drive to work hard for what you want, you will succeed.

Something most people don’t know about Hannah is that she was a high school dropout! She dropped out of high school after 9th grade and did not fully obtain her GED until almost nine years later. She and her husband had four kids within five years, and she waited until she had their last baby to finish the classes for her GED. After completing her GED, she waited four more years before attending college!

Hannah has now passed her nursing boards and is on the path to starting her new career after some much-needed relaxation time.

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*Passing the NCLEX-RN is required to become a Registered Nurse.