Hannah Smith – Student Highlight

Hannah Smith graduated from Fairmont Senior High School in May of 2021 and is studying to become a Clinical Medical Assistant at WVJC Bridgeport. Hannah originally got interested in the medical field because of her aunt, a medical assistant for eight years. However, 2020 ultimately solidified her decision to go into the medical field as she had many family members and friends who suffered during the pandemic. Hannah genuinely enjoys helping others.
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Hannah chose WVJC Bridgeport because of the variety of fast-paced courses she could take and that she was interested in. Also, several WVJC alumni told her about WVJC and how we help our students with their careers. It was important for Hannah to go to a school that provides students with an excellent education and career management assistance.

While many high school seniors opt to go to a traditional 4-year school, it wasn’t for her. Hannah wasn’t interested in going to a university where she would primarily take general courses that did not pertain to her degree or career. She wanted to take classes that she was interested in and directly related to her degree in the medical field. Hannah is so glad that she chose WVJC Bridgeport! WVJC offers fast-track programs to help jumpstart your career, which is why WVJC was the right fit for college for Hannah.

Hannah particularly loves the atmosphere that West Virginia Junior College creates and promotes. WVJC offers a community-like atmosphere, one in which students and faculty alike are there for one another. She knows that if she needs help understanding an assignment that her instructors are there to help and support her in any way possible. It is with this support that Hannah continues to thrive as a student at WVJC.

Although Hannah is in the early stages of the program, her favorite class so far is Medical Terminology 1. In that class, they create new and fun ways to study. Having hands-on learning in a small class environment encourages her to continue even during the stressful and more difficult times of the program.

Her favorite instructor at WVJC is Ms. Holyfield. Hannah loves Ms. Holyfield’s enthusiasm and how optimistic she is. Hannah says she is a “lovely woman, and she isn’t just our instructor; she is there for us. She cares and loves each and every single one of us.” While Hannah is currently studying to become a CMA, her ultimate goal is to become an RN and help as many people as possible. Hannah is grateful that she is a student at WVJC Bridgeport and looks forward to thriving at such an amazing school.

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