Haylee Syner – Graduate Highlight

Meet Information Technology
Graduate Haylee Syner

As Haylee Syner bid farewell to Uniontown Area High School in June 2022, she eagerly anticipated the next chapter of her academic journey. With a heart brimming with ambition and excitement, she stepped onto the threshold of WVJC in August of the same year, marking the beginning of her college journey.

Haylee Syner - Graduate HighlightDriven by the prospect of achieving an associate’s degree in her desired field within a concise 18-month timeframe, Haylee found herself drawn to the opportunities that WVJC offered. The allure of acquiring diverse certificates in various realms of computer technology further solidified her decision. What captivated her most was the school’s commitment to accommodating the needs of working students, recognizing the importance of flexibility amidst their educational pursuits.

With a determined spirit and a clear vision of her aspirations, Haylee embraced the challenges and opportunities that awaited her at WVJC. Her journey was not merely about attaining a degree but also about honing her skills and nurturing her passion for the ever-evolving world of computer technology.

During her formative high school years, Haylee was presented with a golden opportunity to explore her interests at Fayette CTI, where she eagerly enrolled in the Information Technology trade program. Although initially not her primary choice, this decision proved to be a pivotal turning point in her academic journey. As she delved deeper into the intricacies of troubleshooting and repairing computers, Haylee found herself captivated by technology’s dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. Her initial reservations melted away, replaced by a growing enthusiasm for the subject matter, ultimately solidifying her commitment to the program.

Transitioning from high school to college, Haylee found herself drawn to the welcoming embrace of WVJC. She discovered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among her peers. The inclusive atmosphere fostered by the faculty and staff created a nurturing environment where students like Haylee could thrive. Moreover, the flexible class schedules offered by WVJC proved to be a godsend, seamlessly accommodating Haylee’s busy work commitments while allowing her to pursue her academic goals without compromise. Haylee was excited to pursue her passion for technology and chose to enroll in WVJC’s Information Technology program. 

Among the array of instructors at WVJC, one individual shone brightly in Haylee’s eyes: Robin Addis. With her exceptional teaching prowess and compassionate demeanor, Robin quickly became Haylee’s favorite mentor. Renowned throughout the campus for her patient approach and unwavering dedication to her student’s success, Robin left an indelible mark on Haylee’s academic journey. Whether patiently explaining complex concepts or providing personalized guidance during one-on-one sessions, Robin’s support and encouragement were instrumental in shaping Haylee’s educational experience.

As Haylee reminisced about her time at WVJC, her fondest memories often circled back to the exhilarating moments spent in the hardware class. Here, amidst the hum of machinery and the scent of solder, Haylee found herself immersed in the captivating world of hands-on learning. Building computer towers from scratch and meticulously crafting network cables ignited her passion for practical application and problem-solving. These invaluable experiences enriched her understanding of computer technology and instilled in her a profound sense of accomplishment and confidence in her abilities.

Despite initially aspiring to a career in car computer technology, Haylee’s experiences in the IT world during work-study programs led her to reconsider. While she enjoyed repairing computers, her newfound passion for teaching prompted her to contemplate a career shift toward education. Looking ahead five years, Haylee envisioned a different trajectory, aiming for a stable life with her own home and family. Career-wise, she planned to pursue a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, with the ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.

Impressed by WVJC’s IT program and supportive faculty, Haylee would readily recommend it to a friend, highlighting the quality of instruction and the school’s flexibility for working students. Reflecting on her time at WVJC, Haylee emphasized the importance of kindness and active participation, while also sharing practical advice regarding assignment deadlines.

Prepared by WVJC through a range of certificates* and hands-on experiences, Haylee felt equipped to navigate her chosen career path, grateful for the guidance received during externships and work-study programs. 

As her graduation date draws near, Haylee finds herself bubbling with anticipation, eagerly anticipating the dawn of a new chapter in her professional journey. With her hard work and dedication throughout her time at WVJC, she has successfully secured a job in her chosen field, a testament to her determination and passion for computer technology.

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*Certifications are contingent upon passing the corresponding certification exams.