Information Technology Graduate-William Stella

William StellaWilliam Stella is a graduate of West Virginia Junior College Charleston. He enrolled in the Information Technology program after he heard about it through a family member. “I heard about WVJC from a family member and decided to give the Charleston campus a call. I talked to an admissions representative about which program would be the best fit for me and when I should start. After touring the campus and meeting the faculty, I decided to officially enroll.”

“Before attending WVJC, I was employed at a local pizza place and I was working at a field technician for Dell Inc.” William said he spent a lot of time thinking about what he wanted to pursue professionally. William had worked in the IT field for several years before attending WVJC but wanted to advance his career by obtaining certifications and learning more about CISCO Networking Technology.

During his time here he enjoyed Mr. Pinkerton’s class. “Mr. Pinkerton was my favorite instructor. He was able to set expectations comparable to expectations in the workplace and work with you one on one to ensure you learned the material. He never gave up on any student. The faculty and student body were very welcoming. The faculty worked with me on any questions or concerns when it came to personal or educational requirements.”

When asked about his idea of a perfect day, his response was “A day at the beach of course! Besides that, learning something challenging and having the capability to apply that knowledge is the best feeling any day.”

William is currently working as in IT contractor at Alpha Natural Resources. He says his long term goals are to obtain his CCNP certification and have no gray hair! He plans to continue his growth in the IT field and he feels that WVJC has given him the correct tools to accomplish these goals.

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