Information Technology Student Highlight – Eddie Holsclaw

Eddie HolsclawCHARLESTON, WV – We are always thrilled when our students refer their friends to our school! This is the case with Information Technology student Eddie Holsclaw, who chose to attend West Virginia Junior College based on his friend’s advice.

“I chose WVJC because I heard so many nice things about it from a former student. I knew if he enjoyed the program, then it was something I should check out,” says Holsclaw.

Passion is what solidified Eddie’s decision to pursue a career in Information Technology. After “tinkering and fixing computers” for a little while he decided to pursue an education and make a career out of his hobby. In April 2014, he took a big step and enrolled in college.  Since beginning classes, Eddie has thrived.

He is a Dean’s List student, Student Ambassador and an IT Work-Study. Outside of excelling in the classroom, Eddie can been seen fixing computers and printers or just preforming routine maintenance checks on equipment around campus. Whether he is in the classroom or working on helping keep the campus up and running, Eddie always has a great attitude. The following instance illustrates that perfectly…

When asking Eddie what his favorite part about attending WVJC has been so far, he answered, “The staff and teachers are always nice and helpful. Oh and everyone calls, me Eddie Spaghetti”.

For Eddie, the staff and faculty have not only been helpful but also his biggest supporters. The IT instructor, Tom Pinkerton, is one of these people. His family has also offered support.

“My family are my strongest supporters. They have always encouraged me to do what I am happy doing, and that is working with technology. Mr. P [Pinkerton] is also the coolest, most supportive teacher I have ever had!”

Eddie is eight weeks away from completing his degree. In that time he hopes to become a certified IT Technician and continue doing well in classes. His ultimate career goal is to obtain more certifications and work his way up in a company to become a server administrator.

While Eddie admits college hasn’t always come naturally to him, he is proud of himself for getting over the “humps”. When asked if he had any advice for other students, he said, “It may be hard at times but once you get over the “hump”, you will feel very proud of yourself for getting those IT concepts.”

IT classes are filling up for the Fall term. If you or someone you know is interested in Information Technology or would like program information, please call 304.345.2820.

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