Jamie McGuire – Staff Highlight

Meet Jamie McGuire, our Pharmacy Technician Program Director at WVJC Online!

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Jamie has considered herself lucky to be surrounded by many amazing role models who have helped influence many of her career choices. Growing up, Jamie listened to the stories of her grandparents and their careers, which had a significant impact on shaping her goals and ambitions for the future.

Jamie likes to brag about her family’s accomplishments, like how her Great-Grandfather was in the “Band of Brothers” or her Grandfather worked for NASA. She can remember her other Grandfather telling her all of these amazing stories about top-secret missions he was part of. Over the years, her family has been Princeton professors, worked as Naval Intelligence Officers, advisors to the President of the United States, and even pyrotechnicians. There was never a shortage of inspiration to draw from.

There was always a huge emphasis on the importance of learning, knowledge, and hard work, but formal education was never the only route to achieve those goals as many of her family members had only completed 1-2 years of a college education.

“I was always taught that the harder you work, the more you educate yourself and the further you can go. That’s always been part of the philosophy I live by,” said Jamie.

But what path led Jamie to West Virginia Junior College?

After graduating high school, Jamie enrolled in a pre-vet program but quickly realized this wasn’t the career she wanted. She then switched to pre-nursing and completed about two years of schooling while working in the field and realized that, again, which wasn’t right for her.  After that, Jamie enrolled in courses, got certified, and began working in the field as a Pharmacy Technician. While working in the area, she realized this was something she truly enjoyed, but she wanted to continue to do more for herself.

Jamie spent five years as a Pharm Tech instructor and continued to pursue her education. She eventually found WVJC and became an instrumental instructor in the Pharm Tech program, helping to build it from the ground up. During that time, she attained a degree in Business Administration and eventually transitioned into her current role as Director of the Pharmacy Technician program.

“Because of my background, I don’t want to push students or encourage students to go in a certain direction. I want them to be self-sufficient,” said Jamie. “That is why I try to provide students in my program with engaging activities that will show them the advantages they can have with simple tools and resources.”

Jamie has worked in her current role with WVJC for six years. She has been working to develop and improve the structure of the Pharmacy Technician program since the beginning.

“WVJC provided me with an opportunity to make my ideas and innovations a reality, especially when it comes to distance learning. It’s nice to have an outlet where my ideas can come to fruition,” said Jamie.

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