Janice Bullman – Faculty Highlight

Meet Adjunct Professor Janice Bullman 

Janice Bullman embarked on her journey with West Virginia Junior College in the spring of 2023, joining as an adjunct professor for the Cybersecurity and Information Technology (IT) programs. However, Janice’s illustrious teaching career dates back to 2004, when she first stepped into the college-level education realm. Armed with an associate’s degree in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science in Management of Technical Operations, and a Master’s in IT Technology, Janice is well-qualified and boasts numerous certifications that underscore her expertise.

Janice Bullman - Faculty HighlightThe decision to contribute her knowledge and skills to WVJC was deliberate for Janice. What drew her to the institution was its academic programs and the staff’s genuine care, understanding, and career-focused approach to assisting every student. For Janice, the essence of working at WVJC lies in the personalized attention given to each student, fostering an environment where individuals can blossom to their full potential and realize their aspirations. This commitment to student success resonates most with Janice, making her time at WVJC profoundly rewarding.

Motivated by her family, Janice thrives on a culture of continuous learning and altruism. Her family recognizes her perpetual quest for knowledge and her unwavering dedication to helping others. In education and teaching, Janice takes immense pride in connecting with students and providing the support they need to navigate their academic journey successfully. Her approach involves imparting knowledge and fostering meaningful relationships that contribute to students’ personal and professional growth.

Peering into the future, Janice Bullman foresees a steadfast dedication to the dual realms of teaching and learning. Her ambition extends beyond the present, aiming to perpetuate a positive influence on the educational panorama by molding the upcoming cohort of IT and cybersecurity professionals. Rooted in a fervent desire to share knowledge and a sincere wish to witness her students triumph, Janice’s commitment to the field remains resolute. She envisions herself as a guiding force, shaping the educational landscape and leaving an indelible mark on the individuals she mentors.

Janice’s passion for instilling knowledge is not merely a vocation but a calling driven by the genuine satisfaction derived from witnessing her students thrive. As she looks forward, Janice’s enduring dedication serves as a beacon, illuminating a path towards continuous learning and meaningful contribution to the development of aspiring IT and cybersecurity professionals. In her vision for the future, Janice sees herself as an integral part of shaping a new generation equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving challenges of the technological landscape.

Outside of her academic endeavors, Janice Bullman discovers fulfillment in a range of activities. Softball, engaging in crafts, and spending quality moments with her family are the pursuits that bring her joy. Notably, Janice distinguishes herself within her family as the only left-handed member, a distinctive trait contributing to her identity. This unique characteristic sets her apart and adds an intriguing layer to the tapestry of her personal story. In the midst of her multifaceted life, these leisurely activities and distinctive features offer Janice a well-rounded sense of happiness and contribute to the richness of her overall experiences. Whether on the softball field, immersed in creative projects, or enjoying family time, Janice finds balance and fulfillment in the diverse tapestry of her life beyond the academic sphere.

Janice Bullman’s narrative is one of educational dedication and a profound commitment to student success. Her extensive academic background and genuine passion for teaching make her a valuable asset to the WVJC community. As she continues to contribute her expertise, Janice remains focused on her long-term goal of fostering learning environments that empower students to reach their goals. Whether in the classroom or through her personal pursuits, Janice’s journey is characterized by a love for education, a commitment to family, and a genuine desire to positively impact the lives of those she encounters.

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