Job Interview Tips and Tricks

How the interview process has changed

COVID-19 drastically and rapidly altered the landscape of the workplace in many ways. Starting with interviews. In-person interviews happen much less frequently than before the pandemic. This also led to many companies allowing remote work to continue. The key to the modern workplace is being comfortable with technology! Since this shift in the workplace, it is essential to show that you understand and are comfortable using technology. As daunting as “The Interview” can sound, it is important to relax and remember practice makes perfect. The more interviews you do, the better you will get. Even if you get many rejections for jobs, don’t give up!

When your interview is approaching, remember these tips: -Be on time (Or early). Ensure your links work to join the meeting and your audio is set up. -Know the name of the person interviewing you, the spelling, and pronunciation. -Have a copy of your resume in case you need to reference it when asked about a former job. -TAKE NOTES -Make sure you have questions to ask after the interview, which shows the interviewer you want to learn and are willing to understand more about the position. If you need more help preparing for an interview, building a resume, or looking for a career, contact our Career Management team!

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Job Interview Tips And Tricks