Kacey Eagle – Program Director Highlight

Meet Dr. Kacey Eagle, Allied Health Programs Director!

In 2002, Dr. Kacey Eagle embarked on an educational journey in the field of nursing at West Virginia Northern, where she earned her Associate’s in Applied Science. Little did she know that this would be just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to healthcare and education. 

Kacey Eagle- Program Director Highlight

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a passion for serving the community, Dr. Eagle continued to expand her horizons. She pursued a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and ultimately, in November 2019, she proudly completed her Doctorate in Health Administration. This achievement came with a specialization in Gerontological studies and Education, reflecting their deep interest in the well-being of aging populations and the power of education in healthcare.

Throughout her career, Dr. Eagle had the privilege of working in diverse healthcare settings. She has been a part of clinics, long-term care facilities, and in-home health services and even spent a significant period working with the government during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act from 2012 to 2015. These experiences allowed her to understand healthcare comprehensively from various angles, from direct patient care to policy implementation.

In the present, Dr. Eagle finds herself deeply committed to education and the betterment of aspiring healthcare professionals. For nearly nine years now, she had the honor of serving as the Allied Health Programs Director and Instructor at WVJC, EOC, and UCI. In this role, she wears many hats – from teaching and curriculum development to program leadership – but her primary mission remains constant: to support and empower her students in their educational journeys.

Her qualifications extend across the entire spectrum of Allied Health Programs offered at WVJC, UCI, and EOC. Interestingly, their education journey started as a result of unexpected circumstances. After completing her work on the Affordable Care Act project, she was laid off due to the project’s changing needs. It was in this moment of uncertainty that she joined WVJC as an adjunct instructor in 2015. Surprisingly, within just five weeks, she was offered the Medical Office Administration Program Director role. This serendipitous opportunity marked the beginning of a new chapter in her career.

Loyalty and family have always been pillars of Dr. Eagle’s personal and professional life. Over her almost nine-year tenure with WVJC, EOC, and UCI, she has come to cherish the close-knit family that surrounds her. Her WVJC family has stood by her through the ups and downs, and for that, she is profoundly grateful.

Speaking of family, they are her rock and her motivation. She draws strength from the love and support of their family and their unwavering faith in God. These two pillars are the foundation of her life, driving her to serve others with passion and dedication.

One of the greatest joys in her life is witnessing the success of others. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about knowing that she’s played a small part in helping someone achieve their goals. It warms her heart to see her students thrive and make their mark in the world of healthcare.

Looking ahead, her ambitions remain high. She aspires to revamp the Medical Coding program to align it with the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Moreover, she dreams of introducing Bachelor’s and graduate degree programs in healthcare to ensure the continued success and growth of WVJC, EOC, and UCI.

Beyond the professional realm, she has a more whimsical side. In 2009, she had the unique experience of raising a rooster named Nugget from a tiny chick. Nugget became an integral part of her family’s household, living indoors and bringing a dose of unexpected joy to their lives.

When she’s not immersed in the world of healthcare and education, she can often be found devoting her time to her church, working alongside her husband. She also relishes moments spent with her grandbabies and extended family, exploring new places through travel and indulging in the occasional game of golf.

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