Kathryn Dean – Student Highlight

IMG 3400 | WVJC
Kathryn Dean is enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program. Prior to Kathryn attending WVJC, she worked full time as a certified CNA. Even though she enjoyed working as a CNA, Kathryn wanted a profession that would give her more home time and less physical stress.

After discussing with her husband, Kathyrn knew it was time to continue her education. She says, “ I chose WVJC-Bridgeport because of the program offerings, affordability, and location.” This would be her first college experience.

Even though Kathyrn has only been attending classes since June 2018, her favorite part of attending WVJC is meeting new people and accomplishing more than she thought she was capable of in her later stage of life.
She says her favorite teacher to her surprise is Mr. Cutright. “He pushes me beyond what I thought my limitations were, and I succeed.”

Kathyrn is set to graduate from the CMA program in December 2019. She says her ideal job is working in a doctor’s office with normal hours with weekends and holidays off to spend time with her family.

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