Katrina Pepin – Faculty Highlight

Meet nursing faculty member Katrina Pepin!
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Katrina is one of the full-time faculty members in the Nursing Department at WVJC Bridgeport. She began her nursing career in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital after graduating from Waynesburg University in 2017. Since then, she has worked closely within Children’s Hospital, transitioning to their resource pull department. She expanded her knowledge base here by working in PICU, NICU, general pediatrics, Labor and Delivery, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

After working at the bedside for several years, Katrina decided to further her education and attend a master’s program at Waynesburg University with a concentration in nursing education. Katrina joined the WVJC Bridgeport staff one year ago, beginning as an adjunct clinical instructor and continuing to be a full-time faculty member. While her background is in pediatrics, Katrina utilizes her experience to teach various nursing classes, assist with simulation labs, and assist in clinical nursing.

Joining WVJC has been an exciting experience for Katrina. The WVJC family welcomed her in and has provided her with every opportunity to become successful in her career choice. Allowing her to make the classroom experience unique and individualized to the student demographic has helped her blossom into the instructor she envisioned. WVJC has also provided her with several learning opportunities that have allowed her to adjust to this technologically advanced program.

Katrina hopes that every experience she has had thus far at WVJC will allow her to grow and develop as an instructor, “I love how dedicated the nursing staff is to their students. Every employee in this company truly cares about setting every student up for success. I believe those who complete this program will thrive in the medical community,” says Katrina.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Katrina loves recreational activities. Moving across the country has been an adjustment, trading the beach for the mountains, but Katrina loves the endless possibility provided by this scenic location. Her hobbies include anything outdoors – camping, hiking, swimming, and more mindful activities such as reading or yoga. Katrina is also an animal lover who has rescued two dogs and two cats and spends much of her time spoiling them rotten. While in high school, Katrina participated in several sports – volleyball, swim team, and golfing – and continued that passion in college by participating in collegiate cheer. Katrina loves being part of a team and feels like she has found a great team here at WVJC!

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