Kevin Jones – Staff Highlight

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Kevin Jones is a Financial Aid Officer at WVJC Charleston. Since he started in May of 2021, he has grown to cherish his role in fostering the opportunities of our students. “I get to interact with people who take on challenges to better themselves for their families and careers. I am proud to be a small part of the journey for such a driven group of people.”

Kevin understands the sacrifices of pursuing higher education. While earning a Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia State University, Kevin worked evening shifts for the Kanawha County Commission as a parking attendant and custodian. “Time is your most valuable resource as a student. If I had known of a school like West Virginia Junior College that would give you everything needed to succeed in 2 or fewer years instead of 4, I could’ve spared myself a lot of late-night study sessions.”

Kevin’s experiences through college gave him firsthand experience with the cost of education. Kevin says, “It was hard for me as a student to think beyond my next test or pop quiz. So, if I had a financial aid team that cared as much about preventing future student loan debt as WVJC’s, I would be much better off today.” The financial aid team at WVJC Charleston emphasizes creating financial plans that align with your long-term financial stability goals.

“Traditional college isn’t for everyone, but education is. Finding the right school, a program you are interested in, and a staff supporting your real life is key. We have that here at WVJC because WE CARE about your success.”

If you are interested in learning more about the WE CARE approach to education, contact us today at 304-769-0011!