Kristen Strawder – Student Highlight

Finding a good fit in post-secondary education is extremely important to success as a student.  When we think about the investment of time, money, and energy that a student will focus into their field, finding a good fit should be a key factor when determining your post-secondary options.  Post-secondary schools are supposed to teach and develop the necessary skills for a student to potentially be successful when they graduate.  Let’s take a look at the road Kristen Strawder traveled to find her best fit.

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Kristen was like many other high school seniors in 2015. She had a good GPA and wanted to experience something different than her small high school. She turned her sights and attention towards one of the largest intuitions in the state. Kristen started her educational journey in the fall of 2015 and quickly found out that it may not be for her.  The school she chose was big.  As she began her education at this school, she noticed that she did not know anyone, help was hard to find, and she felt like a student ID as opposed to a person.  It was for these reasons that she began to look at what other options may exist for her to be successful.  What she found changed the course of her education, and life.  Kristen is a Clinical Medical Assistant student at West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown.  From the first moment she stepped through the door it was different.  She met with a real person to talk about her options in the medical field before setting her sights on CMA. She and the admissions representative put a plan together and started her down the path towards post-secondary success.

One of the biggest differences for Kristen has been the connections that she has made with students, faculty, and staff. “Not only do I know all of the students, but I know all of my teachers,” Strawder said. This was an important change for Kristen, as she likes to know her classmates and engage with her teachers. The other difference she felt at WVJC was the practical, hands-on approach to learning.  Clinical Medical Assistant is designed to be tailored to the skills needed to get students ready for the workforce in a short period of time.  There are traditional classes that require textbooks and studying, and then there are the labs that you get to sharpen your phlebotomy skills, EKG skills, and many others. All in all, Kristen is “very glad I came here.” Not only did it provider her the hands-on skills to pursue her dream of being in the medical field,it also was the right fit for her to learn and thrive.

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