Laura Barker – Student Highlight

Laura Barker 2 2 | WVJC

Laura Barker states that she chose West Virginia Junior College because it had a fast-track degree program geared toward careers in the medical field. Laura began WVJC’s Medical Billing/Administration program in August of 2021. Laura says that at WVJC, “It is very easy to get help and ask questions.” Her favorite part of the medical office classes is when she learns about some of the different types of procedures that can be coded. Laura didn’t realize just how many different codes there were until diving headfirst into her medical coding courses. At first, Laura said, “It was a daunting task to learn all the codes,” so she studied more to understand the process for coding medical procedures better. Once it started making sense, it all became very interesting.

Another aspect that she enjoys about WVJC is the smaller classroom atmosphere. Laura states, “It makes it easier for me to learn. So far, Ms. Holyfield and Ms. Maul are my favorite instructors. I really like both of them and look forward to their classes each day.” Laura continues, “They are always available and willing to help whenever needed.” Her favorite thing from Ms. Maul is her quote she always reminds them of: “If it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” This quote teaches students that being meticulous when documenting in the medical field is crucial.

Laura’s favorite class has been her Student Success Strategies class. She enjoys learning how to study and the different ways to take notes. Laura said, “It was nice to understand how to use outlines to study and all the different tips by thinking critically when taking tests.”

Laura enjoys hiking with her dog and reading a good book in her downtime. Currently, her favorite book is The Eye of the World, written by Robert Jordan.  Laura has two children a 15-year old daughter and a 13-year old son.  She enjoys shopping with her daughter, and her son is more of an outdoor kid.  Although being a mom is Laura’s first priority, she enjoys doing something for herself and continuing her education. Laura is excited about her choice and is looking forward to starting a career. Her goal is to start her career in a smaller clinic until she gains more hands-on experience to branch out. Laura is expected to graduate in August 2022!

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