Madison Criss – Student Highlight

Meet Dental Assisting Student Madison Criss

Madison Criss, an aspiring dental assistant currently navigating the intricacies of the diploma program, stands at the crossroads of a transformative educational journey that traverses the landscapes of academic challenges, resilience, and newfound passion. Madison faced academic challenges at the first school she attended. Despite fervent efforts, the elusive one-on-one time with professors, a linchpin for academic success, remained a distant mirage. Battling against academic challenges, she made a pivotal decision to part ways with her previous college and start a course toward a brighter future, all while balancing the demands of a part-time job.

Madison Criss - Student HighlightMadison sought guidance from her academic advisor in the quest for a fresh start. It was during these consultations that the option of West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) emerged as a promising alternative. A haven for those seeking a supportive and nurturing educational environment, WVJC beckoned as an institution that held the promise of a new beginning.

Embracing the opportunity for reinvention, Madison, once a struggling student, cast aside the shadows of her past academic tribulations. The delicate dance of balancing a part-time job became an integral part of her journey as she, in tandem with her advisor, meticulously examined the educational landscape, exploring program reviews and offerings. Among the myriad options, WVJC stood out, luring Madison with its trifecta of advantages—proximity to home, financial feasibility, and the intimate ambiance of a small campus.

Fueling her academic pursuit was a deep-seated passion for dental care, a passion that led Madison to the doors of the Dental Assisting program at WVJC. Intrigued by the intricacies of maintaining oral health, she made the conscious decision to take the initial steps into the field, redirecting her aspirations from dental hygienist to dental assistant. The transition was marked by a positive experience, bathed in the warm glow of camaraderie and peer and instructor support. The small campus setting, a stark contrast to her previous academic endeavors, facilitated not only a sense of community but crucial one-on-one interactions that became instrumental in her academic growth.

Among the constellation of instructors, Ms. Holyfield shone as a guiding star in Madison’s educational journey. Beyond the confines of a traditional instructor-student relationship, Ms. Holyfield emerged as a mentor and confidante, encouraging Madison to break free from her shell. Providing a compassionate ear for concerns, imparting invaluable advice, and unwaveringly supporting all her students, Ms. Holyfield became a linchpin in Madison’s transformative journey.

Anticipation enveloped Madison as she looked forward to her impending externship—an opportunity to immerse herself in the practical realm of a dental office. The prospect of gaining hands-on experience resonated with her deep-seated goal to specialize in pediatric dentistry, a testament to her enduring love for interacting with children.

Peering into the crystal ball of the future, Madison envisioned a life free from the shackles of worry, anchored by the stability of a reliable job. Her testimonial emphasized the distinctive advantages of WVJC, a bastion of personalized instruction, abbreviated program durations, and a welcoming environment fostered by the dedicated staff.

In extending a hand of encouragement to others, Madison shared the chronicles of her transformative journey—from a struggling student to a consistent presence on the president’s list at WVJC. Central to her narrative was the emphasis on WVJC’s hands-on approach, underscored by a fully equipped dental program and the invaluable opportunity for real-world experience through externships. Through her tale, Madison extends an invitation to others to embark on their educational odyssey, armed with resilience, passion, and the promise of a brighter future.

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