Maggie Lewellen – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Student
Maggie Lewellen

A few years ago, Maggie Lewellen embarked on her college journey at West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) as a ground student. However, due to personal reasons, she had to take a break. Now, she’s back, and the flexibility of online classes has proven to be a game-changer, allowing her to seamlessly integrate education into her family life. Having been a stay-at-home mom for three years, Maggie decided to return to school to secure a job and contribute additional income to her family.

Maggie Lewellen - Student HighlightWVJC’s accelerated programs, known for eliminating unnecessary extracurricular courses and getting straight to the essential content, appealed to Maggie. Opting for the Clinical Medical Assistant program, she found a balance that suited her family commitments better than the Nursing program she had initially considered. The CMA program aligns with Maggie’s passion for helping people, and she appreciates the focused approach it offers.

What Maggie values most about attending WVJC is the supportive environment created by the faculty. She describes the teachers as exceptionally nice, and the class structure allows for a flexible schedule, accommodating her family responsibilities. Among the courses, Pharmacology stands out as Maggie’s favorite. She finds satisfaction in delving into the subject, particularly enjoying the mathematical aspects required in pharmacological studies.

Looking ahead to graduation, Maggie envisions securing a job and is open to the idea of working in a local clinic, perhaps in Cameron, until her children grow a bit older. Beyond that, she dreams of transitioning into a role in Labor and Delivery at a hospital. Her aspirations reflect a long-term commitment to both her family and her career.

Maggie enthusiastically praises WVJC, expressing deep gratitude for its collaborative approach with students. Not only has she personally benefited from the institution, but she also actively recommends it to friends. Her recommendations highlight WVJC’s standout features, particularly its flexibility and the convenience of online classes that can be personalized to fit individual schedules. The supportive atmosphere within the smaller school setting aligns perfectly with Maggie’s preferences, fostering an environment that feels just right to her. In essence, Maggie’s positive endorsement underscores the institution’s commitment to providing a supportive and adaptable educational experience that resonates with its students.

One particular memory shines brightly in Maggie’s collection of cherished moments at WVJC — the hands-on experience of conducting blood draws during clinicals. This specific aspect of her education holds a special place in her heart, emerging as a favorite among the various encounters she has had. The significance lies in the practical and enjoyable nature of this hands-on activity, providing a tangible and real-world dimension to her chosen field of study. Maggie’s fond recollection emphasizes the transformative power of practical application in education, showcasing how engaging with the material in a hands-on manner can elevate the overall learning experience. In this memory, the educational journey becomes not only informative but also deeply fulfilling as Maggie discovers the palpable joy and satisfaction derived from the practical aspects of her chosen career path.

Maggie Lewellen’s journey at WVJC represents a tale of perseverance, flexibility, and the pursuit of a career aligned with her passion for helping others. Her positive experience echoes in her recommendations to friends, showcasing the impact of WVJC’s accommodating approach to education. As Maggie looks toward the future, her goals reflect a harmonious integration of family life and professional growth, underlining the transformative power of education at WVJC.

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