Marlena Salmon – Student Highlight

Marlena Salmons is a full-time student, full-time mom, and full-time supporter. Marlena is earning her Associate Degree in Medical Office Administration at West Virginia Junior College Charleston. In addition to earning her degree, she is Federal Work Study and assists students with textbook and library needs. Outside of school, she is a mother to three children and is happily married. Although she has a lot of her plate, like many other students, Marlena always has a positive attitude and is excited to learn.

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When asked why she chose the Medical Office Administration program at WVJC, Marlena stated, “I want to assist people with bettering themselves. To be a light in someone’s dark”. Marlena has always been inspired to reach out to those needing assistance. She grew up in an area where drugs and alcohol are on the rise. She said help is not always readily available and she wants to encourage change by offering support. With such focused compassion, it is no wonder Marlena’s dream job would be working in a medical office.

The Medical Office Administration program offers a wide variety of courses to prepare future graduates for the skills they need for a career in a medical office setting. Marlena is enjoying her classes at WVJC and said she would like to recognize Mr. Batman because, “he is always there to give a little push when needed.” Marlena would also like to thank Mrs. Mitchell for “helping me through one of my worst fears, public speaking.” Marlena’s favorite part about attending WVJC is the friendly staff and faculty. She said she also enjoys the fast track program and expressed her excitement for nearing graduation.

Marlena would like to share advice with others that are considering making a change, “Do it. There is no mountain too high to climb. The love and support you get from the staff and other students is wonderful.” Marlena also stresses that besides the academic support in the classroom, there is also a sense of community within the school itself. Marlena finished by saying, “There is no other place I’d rather be, the amount of love and support you receive at WVJC is beyond words. Life is full of ups and downs and having a good support system is all you need; the best support is here at WVJC.”

If you would like to know more about our Medical Office Administration program or another program at WVJC, please visit wvjc.edu for more information and apply today!

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