Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Heather Evans

Heather Evans

Heather Evans is a West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport student graduating in February of 2018.  This date is rapidly approaching which makes her graduation more of a reality.  Heather did not attend any other college before coming to WVJC.  She always knew furthering her education was something that she was interested in, but couldn’t quite make it a reality until her son started school.

Prior to enrolling at WVJC, Heather worked as the head cook in a large daycare facility.  She wasn’t completely happy with her job and salary, so she started thinking about pursuing the education she always knew she wanted.  When asked why she chose WVJC, Heather said, “A friend of mine had been posting pictures on Facebook of her new friends and ‘family’ with WVJC, which prompted me to ask her about the school and get some information.”  Heather was initially interested in the Pharmacy Technician and Medical Office Administration programs.  However, after getting more information and thinking it over, she decided on the Clinical Medical Assistant program.  She said, “I wanted to be more hands-on and involved with the patients.” Heather is passionate about her field of study and wants to make sure that her future patients get the care they deserve.

During Heather’s experience at WVJC Bridgeport, she says she was “surrounded by instructors and fellow students who were always pushing me to succeed and encouraging me along the way. The small classes make you feel more at ease and comfortable.” Heather has grown fond of all the WVJC instructors along the way.  She says, “All of them are my favorite—each in their own way.” She says every instructor has helped her on this journey.

After graduation, Heather would like to work in a small doctor’s office or hospital that, “values patient care as much as I do, has room for advancements and has great co-workers.” In five years, Heather would like to be settled in a career that she can eventually retire from comfortably and would like to be spending as much time with her son as she can along with way.

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