Medical Assisting Hand Washing Lab

Hands-On Lab – Hand Washing

Join WVJC medical assisting students as they participate in hands-on labs, gaining the essential skills for their future careers! In our program, students engage in practical labs where they learn and practice procedures with their peers under the guidance of experienced instructors. This hands-on training is crucial for mastering the techniques needed for their dream jobs.

Prevention of Infections: Proper hand hygiene is the key to preventing the spread of infections. In the Clinical Medical Assistant program, students learn the importance of thorough hand washing to protect themselves and their patients.

Compliance with Standards: Our training adheres to the protocols set by the CDC and WHO, ensuring our students are well-prepared to meet industry standards for patient safety and infection control.

Skill Mastery: By practicing hand washing and other procedures in a lab setting, students develop the muscle memory and confidence needed to make these vital practices a routine part of their professional lives.

Watch how WVJC prepares the next generation of skilled medical assistants! Join us and gain hands-on experience, personalized support, and a pathway to a brighter future.

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Medical Assisting Hand Washing Lab